Friday 16 March 2012

Project 52: Dandelion Grenade

   I've been quite busy this week, but mostly I've been dealing with Lucky's passing. So I've not really had much time to make things for this week's project spot. So, once again, I'm going to cheat.
   I made a few tiiiny little figurines for Dandelion Grenade. The original plan was to make large, 3 inch figures, but after making 2 deer and a fox, I decided to scrap it. The fox came out well, but the deer did not. Then, the other day, while making some tiny bunnies for my new spring/easter vial necklaces, I thought I'd give a go at my other animals. I'm quite pleased with my fox, but the deer needs more work, as does my hedgehog, so for now, only three are available:

   I've got more in mind for them, but these were hard enough. I've not got the right fingers for detail so I tend to just get in a fluster. It also didn't help that I was watching Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow at the time of painting them, but I corrected the mistakes :P

   Next week I plan on having a proper Project 52 post. I'm thinking about making a tutorial for my fabric spoons. I've made a new shop, this time on storenvy, and I plan on putting up for sale the things I make during these tutorials, as well as other bits and bobs that don't fit in with Peaches and Pebbles or Dandelion Grenade. So that'll be up once I get some zig zag scissors in the post :B

   Also, you should all know that I finally did it. As promised in last night's post, I managed to get out a submission to an agent today. I emailed it out with my synopsis and my first 3 chapters, and while I probably won't get a response for a few weeks, and most likely a negative one, I'll update you all when that happens. So fingers crossed for me, please!


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