Tuesday 13 March 2012

Snail Mail

   It's something that seems to either be catching on, or had never truly died. I mentioned previously how I used to always send letters out to random places when I was little, just so I could get post myself, and in truth I still have that little part of me somewhere - though I don't send the letters anymore, I always hope for something exciting.
   Well I was browsing through several blogs today and found that most of them had posted their addresses or PO Box addresses to receive such things. I'm not going to do that, but it's certainly an attractive idea. Letter writing is an art, really, especially with the internet. Finding things to talk about on paper that you haven't spoken of online. In truth I see very little. But on the other hand, it's not what you say, it's that you say it. I said once to Patience that typing is quite easy - I can type an email that would cover a printed page in about five to ten minutes (provided I had things to say) since one word takes a second or less to type - but when you're writing by hand, everything takes longer. And as a result, the things you say in letters must mean something to you, and you can really get to know someone through that method, by seeing just what's important enough to them for them to spend a little while writing about it.
   This is also what stops letters spanning pages and pages, and what also allows me in particular to just write and write and write until there's nothing but a wall of text obscuring any background that may have once been behind it. I suppose it also makes it easier to blog.

   In truth I have no real reason to be saying all of this, it's just an observation, but there are some truly wonderful blogs out there either entirely dedicated to mail, or who are heavily influenced by it. And it's wonderful to see.
   I did once consider pen palling with someone, but I never got around to writing that first letter. I may well still, but this time I'll do it rather than talk about it. Especially given that she is in a country so far away from me that it would make it all the more interesting. Cultures vary so much that it's insane sometimes!

   Have any of you got any pen pals? Or do you accept snail mail through your blog?

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  1. Oh, I love snail mail and I have few penpals :) It's much more better than emails.


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