Friday 9 March 2012

Project 52: Dandelion Grenade

   I'm not sure if I'm cheating now, but I told myself that if I spent a week working on new products rather than making general things then it's perfectly ok for me to do this, so this week, I present to you the beginnings of Dandelion Grenade! Notebooks, notecards, brooches, necklaces, and soon there'll be some writing sets and stationery gift sets! The jewellery will have their own listings for each design once I have enough stationery - since it was intended as a stationery shop - but if I did it now, it would seem a little mixed up. I have plans for smaller notebooks and bookmarks but they need more work and money first of all!

   I also designed my logo and I'm looking for someone to draw the lines with a tablet. I have one myself but I seriously don't have the patience anymore to use it. I've already talked to someone about having it carved into a stamp, but I still need a digital logo for banners and advertisements. Anyone interested? I'm low on cash at the moment but it's a simple enough job, I think.

   I'm quite happy with the way the shop is working out now. It's going to take a little more building - as you can see, it doesn't even have a banner yet - but I have high hopes. But Peaches and Pebbles still comes first. I've made a few sales lately and a few that may still happen following some enquiries, and I've rephotographed a few things, like the envelope necklace, and I've made the necklaces and rings available individually by colour as opposed to the buyer needing to state which one they want. And then I also made the necklace available in parcel brown, which is wasn't before.

   I've had some new ideas for Project 52. I'm loving it. I know this is only my second week and I'm cheating this time, but I already feel a greater desire to make things - to share it with you! I love making things as it is, but I have even more motivation to do it now because of this blog. I've got the motivation to finally do some tutorials that I've pinned, to make my own, and to make some things I've intended to do for years - a full sized Hammerthyst for example, from one of my favourite games, Fable 2 (Curse you Molyneux). It's such a great feeling.

   So with any luck, next week I'll have some proper project pieces. I have a few items in mind that I want to both make and make tutorials for, but they will take me more than a week to plan out, so they will be a little while yet - but they should be quite fun! For me, at least.

Hope Mass Effect 3 turns up tomorrow...

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