Monday 12 December 2011

Some Very Pinteresting Christmas Recipes!

Following the first post of presents that you can make that double as gift wrapping,
this is the second post, regarding Christmas recipes. Now, none of them are that amazing,
but at the same time, would you even want to deviate from traditional Christmas dinner?
I wouldn't. So this collection features some of the must-haves for a typical Christmas
dinner, or atleast as far as I'm concerned, with some nice sweet and savoury treats, too!
We'll start off with something gorgeous...

1. Red Velvet Cake

•SR Flour (or all purpose and a bit of baking soda)
•2 Eggs
•Red food colouring

Red Velvet cake. I've never tried it, but I want to. They say it's a must for Christmas. All my family gets is a fruit cake that my nan made. She makes it every year but we -hate- it, and because no one else in the house will eat it, my dad is forced to because he won't throw out food. And he's right not to, it's not fair, but at the same time I suppose it's not fair to make him eat the whole thing either. What I don't like about it is how heavy it is, how it's always covered in a layer of fondant or marzipan (I hate marzipan) and I'm sure it would come to better use to beat a robber away from the house. But, tradition is tradition.
But this cake is truly gorgeous, and doesn't need any decorating beyond how it's shown above to make a statement. Sometimes, less is more, and this is certainly a fine example. Also great for Winter weddings.

2. Hot Chocolate Stirrers

You will need:
•Marshmallows (pre-made or self-made)
•Candy Canes/Candy sticks

Buy premade or use the recipe I posted a few weeks ago and make some lush marshmallow hot chocolate stirrers! You could give the 'mallows a hint of mint, or just stick a peppermint candy stick in them as a stick! Dip in melted chocolate and decorate as desired. Alternatively, if you make them from stratch, you can vary the size or shape for something extra special!

3. North Pole Strawberry Smoothie

(Measurements in cups) You will need:
•Frozen Strawberries
•Vanilla frozen yoghurt
•Vanilla reduced-fat yoghurt
•(Optional) crushed candycane
•(Optional) green decorating food gel

I am a serious sucker for smoothies. I mean, is there anything better? It's cool, it's refreshing, and it's (generally) just fruit! It's amazing! Especially the ones that Millie's Cookies sell - the sour grape flavour is -actually- sour! This is a great recipe that, if I ever own a blender (oh how badly I want one!) I will make again and again and again! But, with things like this (and above, really), it's presentation and name that makes them festive. "North Pole Strawberry Smoothie" with crushed candy cane around the top, and the separation of the smoothie and the yoghurt (yoghurt is amazing ♥). I'm sold to it.

4. Candy Canes

(Measurements in cups) You will need:
•Candy thermometer
•Light corn syrup/golden syrup
•Cream of tartar
•Peppermint extract
•Red food colouring

Make some candy canes! A lot of people don't realise that whatever is made in a factory - nay! Most of what isn't -naturally- made - can be made by anyone! Sometimes it might require some heavy machinery or a crew of ten people, but more often than not, lots of the simplest things are overlooked. Like candy canes. -You can make these-. The only heavy machinery you need for this is a candy thermometor - if you don't have one, get one. Just by purchasing one of these, you open the door to many other wonderful sugary based treats!
The instructions are relatively simple, but you may need another pair of hands - I'm sure siblings, friends or youngsters would be happy to help!

5. Bread Sauce...mmmm...

(Measurements in grams and ml) You will need:
•1 Onion
•1 blade of Mace
•1 bay leaf
•Whole milk
•White breadcrumbs
•Sea salt
•Double cream

Bread sauce is one of my favourite sauces, and if it's not at the Christmas dinner table I'll notice right away. It's thick and it's creamy, and sometimes it's lumpy, but in a really good way! And no, it does not taste of bread, but there is bread in it. So it may not be too friendly on the waist line, but who cares? Christmas isn't! (Though that's no reason to be foolish. Remember, take everything in moderation!)

6. Mince Pies

(Measurements in grams) You will need:
•Plain flour
•Golden Caster Sugar
•Mince meat
•1 egg
•Icing sugar to dust

Mince pies. One of my least favourite christmas foods, but one everyone should know how to make. I did see an alternative on pinterest of mince pie cupcakes,, they might go down a little better with me, but I can't say for certain. But do try to jolly them up a bit!

7. Chocolate Truffles

(Measurements in grams/ounces) You will need:
•Whipping cream
•Dark chocolate (generally the higher the cocoa percentage the better unless you can temper the stuff yourself)
•Cocoa powder

Chocolate is necessary for every Christmas. It just is. As a gift, a stocking filler, in an advent calendar - they all vary in importance and price. But this great little recipe shows you how to make some chocolate truffles! Serve them at a Christmas party or give them as a gift! But don't over decorate, it will take away from the taste, and the overall impression. I particularly love the swirly ones in the middle! I will be trying this myself!

8. Roast Turkey (except this is a specific and lurrvely one) and Stuffing

 (Measurements in grams/ounces) For the Turkey you will need:
•14lb turkey, oven-ready (ie, thawed and room temperature)
•Bacon strips
•Salt and pepper
For the pork, sage and onion stuffing:
•2lb pork sausagemeat or finely minced pure pork
•Dried sage
•White breadcrumbs
•1 egg
•Salt and pepper
For the Gravy:
•Plain flour
•Turkey Giblet Stock

This list would not be complete without a turkey. I'm dribbling just looking at this, though perhaps there's a little too much meat, but we'll worry about that January 1st. The recipe serves 10 to 12 so there will be lots of turkey/bacon/stuffing sandwiches to follow! It might be a good idea to look up what can be done with the left overs :D some form of bubble and squeak is what usually follows our Christmasses. I will keep this in mind for my own Christmas, most definitely!

9. Bûche de Noël

(Measurements inexplicably in tbsp, tbs, cups and ounces) You will need:
•Semi-sweet chocolate and bittersweet chocolate
•Unsalted butter
•Heavy cream
•9 egg whites
•3 egg yolks
•Cream of Tartar
•Vanilla extract
•Cocoa powder
•Confectioner's/icing sugar
•Dark rum

Bûche de Noël, or a yule log. Another of my favourites. I particularly love the little mushrooms here! They give it the -best- touch, and could probably be easily crafted simply from white fondant, though I'm sure there are a couple of tutorials somewhere for making them out of more delicious substances. It's a traditional cake that much exceeds fruit cake, in my opinion, and it's far more decorative!

10. Pork Pie

(Measurements in Grams) You will need:
•Pork shoulder
•Pork fat

I looove pork pies. They're so English, and delicious, and really Christmassy! Generally we buy them premade and eat them cold, but when they're fresh made, they're amazing, especially when they're warm! They are a must as either a post/pre Christmas meal, or in miniature form for a snack!

Next week I'll be posting another Pinterest piece, though I will admit right now
that only half of it was aided by Pinterest, the rest I had to come up with myself. Enjoy!
And if you make any of these recipes, do let me know how it went!

I do not claim any rights to the photographs or recipes given here. All images link back to the appropriate sources. I've only listed ingredients for the ease of readers.

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  1. oh my.
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