Friday 9 December 2011

Gift Tag Printable

   I'm quite busy these days. I'm working on my writing, preparing for Christmas, trying to blog, run a shop, create new products, deal with Lucky's mammory tumor, and tidy the house (most of the mess was, in fact, made by me) - so needless to say, some things suffer, and I apologise to everyone now because my book comes before the blog or my shop. In fact, I feel like my blog is suffering the most, despite more work going into that than my shop. I have a couple more products to list, but with the loss of sunlight these days it's quite difficult to find an opportunity to photograph them, especially when these products need to be in use for anyone to get the full effect.
   So this is my excuse for a poor printable. Now, I say "poor" because, well, when you look at it, it looks very half-arsed. In truth, I had something more prepared, where I used the below templates and made proper tags with designs and all, but after about 3 hours and having made 4, and then feeling too tired to continue (I'm the sort of person that, if I don't finish something when I start it, I probably won't pick it up again), I decided to go with my second idea that I was going to post along side it anyway.

   So I give you some templates. To be honest I suppose you could do this with just about anything, but for those of you who it had never occurred to, I've decided to plant the seed. Use scrapbook paper, card, a photograph - anything! I used scrapbook paper, and to make sure I had good examples for you all I used my 8x8 pieces instead of my usual 6x6.

   I used some Dove Craft scrapbook paper, you can pick it up cheap enough on ebay, or buy packs from craft shops. Make sure to feed the paper through so that the lines print on the back of the paper. If you print on the front, it's no big deal, but your cutting will have to be just inside the lines. One the back you can cover the lines with another sheet of paper.

   I'm thinking about adding some tags along with my other new products that are awaiting listing like these, but with more embellishments. I think they came out well enough! But I'll need a bigger array of papers, cards, embellishments and shapes! Any suggestions are welcome ♥ I would try to get them up for Christmas, but there's little point for a number of reasons, the main being that Christmas is 16 days away (OH MY GOODNESS I can't wait) and there's no way I can get them shipped out in time, even if they were purchased the moment they were listed. So I'll keep them suitable for birthdays and graduations for now.

   Click the image, then right click and save to your PC. As I said, print on the back of coloured/printed/patterened paper, and cut accordingly. Add embellishments to make them more showy, or print on muted paper for a more refined yet still playful look ♥ enjoy!

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  1. Wow, these all look AMAZING. Red velvet is my absolutely favorite, but I know it's tricky to get right. I'm scared to try to make it myself. lol


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