Saturday 17 December 2011

Lucky's Just Fine :D

   I got her back yesterday evening. I was sat in the vet all anxious. The only thing that distracted me was this HUUUGE dog (I am not kidding, his head was bigger than mine) sat nearby. He was lush, but he had about a foot-long strand of dribble hanging from his mouth and I promise you that that is not an exaggeration. Just ask my dad.
   I eventually got her back, and I'd been worried all day because when I got Sugar back, despite a successful operation, she was hunched over in the corner of the cage I dropped her off in, and wouldn't lift her head because she was hurting so much, and later that night when we got her home, she squeaked so sadly every now and then. It still makes me cry thinking about it.
   Fortunately, with Lucky, this was not the case. When I got her back, she was moving around the cage, sniffing the air, she looked quite happy, and she didn't hunch over at all. She'd even had a bath! I noticed how clean her tail was right away (she never lets me give it much of a clean, she's not fond of bath time), and her fur was all fluffy with that just-washed-and-dried look, and hadn't settled yet. She's so much softer now, too, but I can only assume they did this when she was still under the general anaesthetic.
   We got her home and instantly put her into the prepared cage - she usually had a huuge palace with 3 platforms, but we don't want her to try to climb just yet, so she went into a medium one instead and removed the one platform - when we brought Sugar home we had to leave her in the small cage through fear of hurting her. She hadn't moved much the next day either, but Lucky was rummaging around the cage all night, moving newspaper into a nest, eating food, drinking and just being her usual self but with a little more care, since it obviously still hurt her. You can tell when she stretches because she doesn't stretch out as far or as long at the moment but you can hardly blame her.
   She has to go back in today for a post-op check, but I don't mind this. I hate taking animals in for the initial consultation, because I have to make sure I get all the info I give them about the problem right or mistakes can be made. I don't like them going in for ops but strangely I'm a little calmer then - I think it's because I know that I can't say or do anything to make the situation worse or better, it's completely out of my hands. Post-op checks are also fine, because, hopefully, the worst is done, and they're merely checking their work and that nothing's going wrong, ie infection, etc. or to give more pain relief if necessary.

   So please, if everyone could keep some fingers crossed - the least used of the 10, if you like - that Lucky will heal up ok, because I don't want to lose her at all, let alone so soon after Sugar. She has Christmas presents under the tree too, which she has to have! The little devil's already seen them, I let her out of the cage and she limped up to the tree which is next to the cage and sniffed at the little food pouch. I don't think she can smell the food in it but she did seem to take an interest in that more than the boxes of chocolates that are also under the tree. She chewed the ribbon I'd tied around it D:

   If there are any problems I'll probably update my facebook and twitter, but if the problems are big I'll update here, too. Just hope it won't come to that. I also forgot to ask how big the tumor was (I was excited to have her back and eager to get her home), but I'm seeing someone today who actually worked on her, rather than the discharge nurse, so hopefully they'll be able to tell me. We thought Sugar's was small but it extended right down to her uterus, but they said they could get behind Lucky's. We'll have to see, today.


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