Thursday 8 December 2011

Photography & The Fabulous Animal Rescue Project

   I don't know if it's just the way I've been raised, or just myself in general, but I've never been too interested in people. I know, I run a shop and now I'm blogging - I'm trying to get past my ways! But I have always loved animals. I don't care what the animal is, I'll love it. I've had many different types of animals in my short life, and while most of them have passed on, others remain and get all the more love for it. Lucky, for example. I've never actually said what kind of animal she is, and I'm not going to because I've experienced people's reactions all too frequently, and it annoys me, so I'd rather save myself the hassle and leave it to all of you to decide what she may be.

   I also don't donate to charity that much. When I do, it's my good deed for the day. And more often than not, it's an animal charity. In fact, the only human charity I can recall myself donating to is the MS Society. Otherwise, if they have a nice sticker or a polite money collector, I'll donate elsewhere too. But if it's for animals, count me in. Especially if they have animals with them while they collect - I know it's a dirty way to rope people into donating, but it works, and I don't feel taken advantage of when I do it.

   Some of you may also know that I have a passion for photography, and used to indulge it quite frequently. However, I no longer do it because I seem to have forgotten how my camera works, I have no suitable place to do set-ups, and whenever I go out they never turn out that well despite the fact that I know what to do when outdoors. So, instead of allowing these pictures to collect dust, I've donated them! Yes, to the Fabulous Animal Rescue Project. They sell wonderful cards, buttons and magnets, from which all of the proceeds (aside from the cost of materials and listing fees on Etsy) go to selected charities. I bought a card there myself for my boyfriend's birthday, too, and they are wonderful people ♥

   I donated the pictures recently, and received word today that I have been added as an artist to their website, and there is now a card listing available in their shop with all of my photographs. A listing just for me! The images may soon be available as pocket mirrors, buttons etc, but I'm unsure - it never hurts to ask, though! Also, they were kind enough to include links to my blog, shop, facebook and twitter in the website page, and a link to my shop in their listing - how thoughtful is that?

   Neither myself, nor the project, make any profit from the items sold. There are plenty of artists who have donated their works to the cause, and if you have any worthwhile animal pictures, I suggest you volunteer yourself too! If you're a budding photographer, it could also get you noticed! None of the products will put you out of pocket, either! I'd never bought anything from the front page of Etsy, but when I saw the card - a Crow, the proceeds of which went to Corvid Aid - I knew I had to buy it. Plus, as with any other card on the face of the planet, you can always spruce it up with some embellishments! I was going to add some black feathers I had lying around to it, but I decided it might look better without my inexperienced gluings!

So have a look, and keep them in mind the next time you buy a birthday card - you'd be doing the world a favour.


  1. you're a fantastic photographer! :) checking out the shop!

  2. This is so great! I have a couple of prints of dogs from which I already donate proceeds to the ASPCA; this is another great way to help! Thanks for the heads-up, Kim!


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