Wednesday 26 October 2011

Don't Deprive Yourself This Halloween

   So, it's the holidays. There are adverts on the TV trying to coax you into a delicious and enormous roasted dinner, or perhaps a sumptuous chocolate cake that never looks quite the same as it does on the advert when you buy it, and of course, there are hundreds of different sweets in the shops that only come out this time of the year. The same applies to Easter and Christmas, though, in England, I'd say moreso to the latter two. My weakness is Cadbury Mini Eggs. I chow those bad boys down like there's no tomorrow. And then I pay the price.
   Most of these holidays play havoc with the scales. It's like we see the holidays as an excuse to eat. Particularly at Christmas. The wise man, Michael McIntyre, raised a fair point. In the spring and summer the magazines are plastered with "great tips to that bikini body". "Why take the lift when you can take the stairs?" and as Mr McIntyre pointed out, it's good advice. The magazines don't suggest "Chub up for Crimbo! Why take the stairs when you can lie in a lift, eating choccie?! Yaay!"
   I'd say that perhaps we just naturally put weight on over the winter, but at the same time, why would we? We're not in the wild any more. We lost the fur, didn't we? No, we see these times as an opportunity to eat, and let's admit it, it's pretty darn fun right? Just avoid the scales until the shops start selling those gorgeous little bikinis.
   Some extreme people might say not to eat any chocolate over these times. After all, food doesn't love you back, and that is true. But a wiser woman has said not to deprive ourselves from the holidays. And why should we? You can eat anything if you eat it in moderation. Except fast food. There is no such thing as healthy fast food. But hey it's your body.

   I saw a recent post by the wonderful Taralynn McNitt who said you shouldn't deprive yourself in the holidays. Even if you're dieting, and genuinely trying hard to lose weight. It is never a good idea to go cold turkey and cut out everything you love. What's the point? Yes, if you cut out all chocolate, you might get somewhere a little quicker, but the second you do allow yourself what you might consider a treat after a while having gone without, you will binge. It'll start as one bite, then a whole bar, then another, and then the next thing you know you're surrounded by chocolate bar wrappers who are all laughing at you. You think. Maybe the sugar went to your head, who knows? The point is, you can eat healthily without cutting out the good stuff.

   I do have one "but". I don't mean to pick her wisdom apart, because it might work for her and for other people, but she said, and while I agree with this: "It’s not fun to deprive yourself during the Holidays! But if you give yourself a set of rules you don’t have to!", I do not agree with the last point on her list: "I’m going to allow myself two pieces everyday!; Keeping the candy out of site!; Only buying my least favorite kind!"
   What is the point if you're going to buy sweets and chocolate to eat over the holidays if you don't even like it as much as others? I know, I know, the nicest things in the world are generally the fattiest, but, if you're going to treat yourself, do it properly. If you have a list of your favourite sugary treats and decide to buy the one at the bottom of the list - yes you still like it, but not as much as anything in the middle, or anywhere near the top - why even bother? Yes, you will be less inclined to try to sneak some extra pieces, but perhaps you should just try to trust yourself, or have your significant other hide them away or lock them in a safe. If you buy the crappiest of your favourite chocolates, you are just eating for the sake of eating. You won't enjoy it as much as something you could have had, and you won't be satisfied.

   Bottom line: enjoy Halloween, and the other holidays, but enjoy it in moderation. Set some rules, as Miss McNitt suggests, but don't eat for the sake of eating. If you're going to treat yourself to two pieces of chocolate over the holidays, make sure it's something you like. Then, when the holiday passes and you go back to your normal dieting routine, you won't feel like you missed out.

   Peace out, and if you are happy with the way you are, then great, eat some extra chocolate and sweets for the rest of us! Also, if you love how you are regardless of weight, good on you, you have my respect!

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  1. Sounds like very sound advice. I'd rather have just a sliver of something I love, then a whole piece (or two) of a better for me something that's just okay.

    I'll be praying extra hard from now until New'll be the Christmas fudge to do me in :)


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