Friday 21 October 2011

Free Printable Bookplates

So I'm getting started with my blogging schedule. I have an interview lined up with ArtbyLyubka which will be posted on Tuesday, but as today is Friday, and I decided to post a recipe, tutorial or printable on this day each week, I'm posting my first printable!

I love reading, but more importantly, I love books, my books. I don't often lend them out (I'm never really asked), and when I do, I regret it slightly later, that either I won't get them back, or they'll be bent! *gasp* I know, it's the worst thing in the world that can happen right? Anyway, I've made some nice little bookplates for you all to print out and stick on the inside cover of your books!

Click, Right Click + Save Image

Please note, they might not print out on one sheet. For best results, either print the ones you want individually, or open the whole thing in MS Paint, rotate it 90 degrees, stretch the right hand side a little and move over the top (or once it's rotated, right) row of bookplates until they safely print onto 2 pages in print preview.


  1. I love these!

    My mother always had them in her books (the kind we had to lick and stick!). They are hard to come by these days. Great idea!

  2. You can get much nicer and sticky ones on Etsy ^^ I love my books and I've not come across these outside Etsy, personally. I had the occasional book that had a "This book belongs to" printed inside it, but only on kids books. Bookplates are a much nicer method of labelling your books than just writing your name inside it in a pen that might possibly bleed through to the next page :(


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