Sunday 2 October 2011

Feature by isavirtue ♥

My envelope rings and necklaces have just been featured on a beautiful little blog called isavirtue <3 The blog focuses on paper art, and the owner has a good old fashioned passion for hand written letters and mail art <3 she even has a lush little shop where she sells her own paper goods of an amazing standard <3 I am really considering buying one of her gorgeous little journals to keep track of my Etsy sales in. It's just what I've been looking for!

I have had a love for hand-written mail myself for a few years. I remember the first time I ever got any mail that wasn't a birthday card. It was just a leaflet I sent away for from the RSPCA, but I remember how excited I was to receive an envelope with my name on it. I had such a craving for hand-written mail that I started sending letters out to shops I loved when I was about 12, hoping I'd get some letters back. Well I might say that it payed off in one way ;P I wrote a letter to Millie's Cookies telling them how much I loved their treats, and I got a letter back saying they appreciate my thoughts, and I was given a voucher for a free cookie tin with 20 cookies in it (that was worth £20!) :D I was chuffed. The tin is gorgeous too xD

But, since I've gotten used to email, I don't send or receive anything any more other than junk mail. The one person I had that I could have sent hand written letters to was my boyfriend, and since he's moved from the Netherlands to the UK now, it would seem absurd to send him a letter only to have it arrive back at my own door a week later xD

In light of this, I'm considering posting a weekly interview with an Etsy artist here on this blog. I'll let you know more when I have more of an idea of what to do about it ^^

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  1. i'm amazed that there is no one else for you to send letters to!


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