Friday 22 June 2018

How to Feed Your Inner Creativity (And Be Unique About It)

    I write. All. The. Time. Not a day goes by when I don't, and if I don't manage to get anything substantial done for one reason or another, I start to panic a little. I worry that I've lost the flow. I've recently discovered that, instead of trying to force it day after day for a week or more, if I take time out to turn off and play a video game even just for one afternoon, my creativity gets replenished in its entirety. It's the strain of trying to churn out consistently good work that can hamper the results, and it's a trial, especially when you're putting it all on yourself. I have no deadlines but the ones I've set myself, so needless stress is also a factor when it comes to stifling my own creativity.
   That aside, I do hear my friends and family ask how I can be so creative all the time - writing, designing book covers, making jewellery (which recently gained its second gallery showing), even porridge recipes - and manage to be unique about it, rather than copying the same things I've seen a million times everywhere else, and the truth is, it isn't easy, but the main thing is knowing yourself. Knowing what you love, what you enjoy, and not trying to force fads and whatever might sell into your work. Yes, I need my books and jewellery to sell, but it won't do that if I'm making or writing the same things as everyone else.
   But while it's all well and good to say "know what you like, and do it," it's another thing to translate it from virtual to actual. You just have to be willing to try things, to fail, to practice and get better, and accept when something's just not for you and move on to the next thing you want to try.
   But, again, all this is harder for some people than others - even just the matter of knowing where to start and how to get those creative juices flowing. I've learned little tricks that can help, even if they don't seem like they would. Like the above - taking time away from creativity to recharge it. But environment and outlook also have a big role. I work best in natural light, as most people do, but a lot of my writing is done in the evening with shop work done in the day; I work best in silence, but I get many ideas through music. It's learning what works for you. But there are a number of things that can stifle creativity, and mess is one of mine.

   This post by Emily Roberts covers a few of the basics, from things you can do right now, like putting your phone down, all the way to the more dedicated like taking a course in a new skill. It's easy to fill in the gaps between the leaps and bounds, but these four points alone will leave you perfectly equipped to get onto the creativity train.


   For many people out there, one of the hardest things they are faced with today is finding a way to be true to their inner creativity and really stand out and be unique. In a world of so many people, personalities, interests, and backgrounds, sometimes it can be hard to not feel as though you get lost in the crowd and just blend in.
   Being true to yourself involves getting in touch with your inner creativity, what makes you so special, and what makes you different from the rest. So how do you go about doing this, and how do you do it in a way that doesn’t come off too “out there” or too “bold”? Here are some ways you can really feed that inner creativity that will allow your own uniqueness to bloom in a natural way.

Find a Place That Inspires You

   For many people, getting in touch with their inner creativity isn't just a simple and quick process. If you've never tried getting in touch with it before, then your creativity may be a bit stifled. If that's the case then it can be helpful to find a place that inspires you, is comfortable, and makes you feel passionate, happy, or relaxed.
   This place could be a comfortable reading nook in your apartment/house, it could be a favourite park of yours, a coffee shop, out in the country, or just whatever works for you and gets your ideas flowing.

Start Making Your Own Clothes

   If you’re tired of buying the same things that everyone else is wearing and you feel those styles either don’t represent who you are, or they just don’t flatter you, then it’s time to stop settling and instead look for ways you can customise your clothing and accessories and start making your own. When you make your own clothing, you will be in charge of the material that is used, the print and colours, the fit, and the style. You get to become your own fashion designer in a sense, which is incredibly creative.
   Making your own clothing isn’t always as difficult as it may seem. You can start with small and simple projects such as t-shirts, skirts, and pull on shorts or trousers. You can even make use of the creative clothing hang tags that Griffes Vivienne supply which will ensure they have that unique feel that you are striving for.

Live in the Now and Put Down Your Mobile Device

   Another tip is to live in the now, pay attention to what's happening around you, look for inspiration and passion, and really connect with the moment. This can only be done when you put down your digital devices and stop worrying about that digital world.

Take a Course in Something that Requires Creativity

   If you’re still having a hard time connecting with your creativity, you may find it useful to enrol in a course that requires creativity. This can be something such as a painting course, cooking course, dance class, etc. Whatever helps you to relax and get in touch with that other side of yourself.
   Feeding your inner creativity can feel a bit strange at first, especially if you aren’t used to it, but it’s a side of yourself that deserves attention and can help you to feel more complete and fulfilled.


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