Saturday 16 June 2018

Core de Force - 2 Weeks Later

   It had been my plan to take a 2-week hiatus from resistance training to avoid burn-out and finally try a DVD I'd been given for Christmas. I had expected Core de Force to be intense - it's by BeachBody, creators of P90-X and Insanity - and so I'd thought that 2 weeks would be more than enough time to burn out on that and remember why I love resistance training so much, all while still getting in some pretty good workouts.
   Well, I was wrong on that second count. It was intense, and I've been getting in amazing workouts. But 2 weeks wasn't enough for me to grow to hate it. I have my new resistance plan all drawn up and ready to go, and the thought of it excites me. But, do you know what? So does the thought of a gruelling 30-minute Muay Thai circuit workout. I know, crazy, right? But with 3 discs and 6 workouts between them, not counting bonus ab workouts, active recovery workouts and stretching routines, it was a bit much to expect to get fed up after just 8 uses. You could also say "how different can they all be?" Well, very. No single workout feels like another, but they're all just as intense, all MMA inspired - boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu and Muay Thai - and all serious sweat-fests that leave you broken the next day.

   And so it is with only a touch of hesitation that I make the declaration that I will continue to use Core de Force for another 2 weeks and start my new training routine on Monday 2nd July.
   I could burn out at the end of next week, but I'm sticking with it all the same. I haven't sweat this much in a long time, which feels great, but I'm also learning so much from these DVDs, an abundance of new moves (I had no idea half of these existed) as well as escapes and defensive stances which rarely come up in martial arts workouts, but here they're worked into the sequences. It's all well and good to be able to hit, but you have to have a few ways of getting out of range, and if you don't practice them, you'll never have the speed to apply them.

   So, consider this my 2-weeks-later, with another post in 2 more weeks and a DVD review. While my plan for a 2-week break flopped, I've found something immensely effective and such good fun to do that I just don't care. I'm sure I'll be sick of it at the end of the month, but that's what I'm after, and my new resistance plan is all ready for me.


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