Thursday 28 June 2018

BetterYou Magnesium Foot Soak & Inflatable Bath Review

   Ohh, heaven. I write this introduction upon my laptop, my next novel open on the window behind this one, Our Zoo on the TV and an evening cup of Chateau Rouge's Butterfly Lovers green tea beside me while my feet soak in a lovely magensium bath after three weeks of hard work with Core de Force. It's a workout not to be underestimated and has been totally worthy of filling my break from resistance training. My muscles are feeling it. But with so much work to do on my book cover before I can get my most recently completed title out by the end of next month, and my gallery exhibit having only just gone up, I haven't had the time to stop. I admit that the only reason I'm writing this post right now instead of continuing with my work on the huldra's domain is because I wanted to get across how wonderful this moment is.
   Oh and Seeg just handed me a piece of Cote d'Or. It just got better.

   Did you know that 64% of women skip their cool down after a workout? And only a few less than that skip their warm up? Both of these might seem needless if you already have to resort to a 20-minute express workout to squeeze it into your day - and indeed there's no such thing as a bad workout; an express workout is infinitely better than nothing - but they're both crucial in preventing injury. Even if it's a workout you've done a million times, all it takes is one slip up on form and you'll pull something, and that will compromise your next workout. A warm-up doesn't have to take long - 2-3 minutes of high knees, jumping jacks, toe touches and hip twists is perfectly good. The cool down, on the other hand, ought to take a bit longer (I usually take about 20 minutes, but I like to get deep into stretches and then I just sort of...stay there...). The stretching helps to release tension and build up of lactic acids from the muscles, and the deep breathing helps bring you back to yourself, wind down, lower the heart rate and relax the body, easing the work it has to do to repair the muscles and bones. And while the work is what triggers the change, the recovery is where it happens.

   There are a few short-cuts, though. Nothing that can replace warm-ups and cool-downs, but a few things that can reduce the strain, and my favourite by far is a magnesium soak. Buuuut again we step into the realms of time consumption (even though time tends to stand still when you're in the bath). So what do we do?
   A foot soak.

   Magnesium is absorbed both internally, by way of food and supplements, and also transdermally through the skin, into the blood and the distributed throughout the body. While it doesn't beat oral consumption, it's not too far off and is infinitely more relaxing. And when you don't have time for a bath, a foot soak is a wonderful option. Especially during a heat wave...
  BetterYou is my favourite brand for magnesium salts because theirs is mined from 1-mile deep European sea deposits in the Netherlands that are over 250 million years old (yes I'm nerding out a little bit over that), and the natural filtering and condensing that occurs in the rock means there's absolutely no man-made pollutants to contaminate them. They are the purest and most easily absorbed of magnesium deposits, meaning they're also the best you can use for sports recovery, when you want to get the most out of it.
   That said, time-of-the-month cramps can also be alleviated in this way, since magnesium levels in the body drop during the second half of your monthly cycle. And a little bit of pampering and home-spa treatment is always a good idea at that point.

   Of course, a foot soak lends a new problem - a minor one, but one I hadn't considered until I set out to actually have the foot soak: a container. I had nothing but the sink bowl. Not ideal, but it had to do. Fortunately, though, BetterYou also have an inflatable footbath, of which I am now a very happy owner. Inflatable sides and, more importantly, bottom for cushioning, it's fully collapsable, portable and non-intrustive, has carry handles and a water-fill line. The PVC is also very soft, strong and anti-bacterial, and can be inflated by mouth or with a hand pump.

   Using this for my second foot bath has been a pleasure. It's also meant that the recommended 20 minutes become 40, but that also goes to show just how convenient the foot bath is. Use it outside in the summer, on the grass, the patio, the decking, or stick it beneath your desk while you work (provided you move and cover electric cables and sockets prior to filling). Or in front of the sofa.
   I always feel better in my body after a magnesium bath, and the foot bath left me feeling just as good. My muscles are always lighter and looser, tightness is gone, cramps are alleviated and then there are the general up-lifting capabilities of a soak, be it body or feet, and the oh-so joyous coolness that comes when you pull your feet out and dry them off. But always put on clean socks. It just adds to the joy.

   BetterYou's inflatable foot bath is £9.95 and their magnesium salt flakes £3.49 and can be purchased directly from their website as well as health and well-being stores like Dolphin Fitness and Holland and Barrett. Or buy the magnesium foot bath and salts bundle and get the salts for free - but only on their website! Truly, for the purity of the salts alone, I highly recommend them. Your body - and your soul - will thank you.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review by the brand itself. The quantity and precise products sent were their choice, not my own. All opinions and images are my own, and all appropriate research has been done by myself from a range of sources rather than relying entirely on the product's website, especially where health products are concerned. I do not accept a product to review if I do not believe it is safe or worth my own time, regardless of any kind of reimbursement. I trial the products for an appropriate amount of time before writing reviews to check for wear-and-tear on physical items and side effects from edible (be it supplements or food). If I have negative points to voice, I will voice them, and I never, ever accept product reviews or reimbursement on the promise of a positive review. My reviews are and will only ever be honest.


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