Monday 2 October 2017

October - No More Trouble Zones

   September was nice and easy with an enjoyable but low-impact workout, which I needed after the 30 Day Shred in August. But now I'm raring to go, and I'm turning back to Jillian Michaels for October.
   I used Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism back in November 2015, and while that's a great if also challenging workout, I was always confused by the resistant moves shown on the DVD's intro. They were, after all, nowhere to be seen.
   Well, a year and a half later, I finally understand why.
   No More Trouble Zones seems to be the unpressed accompaniment to Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism, using the same set, same demonstrators, and the same 7x 6-minute circuit set-up. The difference is, while Banish Fat focused on cardio and body weight, Trouble Zones uses weights. I don't yet know if Banish Fat is supposed to cover the cardio and Trouble Zones the resistance and sculpting, but I am expecting variety here. Banish Fat was amazing - forty minutes and seven circuits sounds insane, but with two calisthenics circuits, two kickboxing circuits, two body weight circuits and one abs circuit, the workout was a very good example of variety, and that made it bearable. I'm desperately hopeful that Trouble Zones will be the same.

   I recall Banish Fat having each circuit in its own chapter, making it easy to mix and match, to pick out the toughest (or easiest) circuits for a shorter but still effective workout. Again, I expect the same here.
   I'd like to get a little Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism into this month as a supplement, perhaps doing 20 minutes of each, but I want to get a feel for Trouble Zones first so I know which circuits to choose when it comes to that.

   For the first time in a while, I've got some new workout leggings for the cooler weather, and I love them. Fabletics' Lisette High Waist leggings are my favourite - maximum compression, incredibly flattering waistline, multi-way stretch and the best moisture-wicking. So when they released them in this black and black-shine feather print, I, quite simply, needed them. I rarely make spontaneous purchases anymore, but these were a must. An expensive must, I admit, but I've learned that you get what you pay for and Fabletics is worth every penny. And when compared to other brands (looking at you, We Are Handsome), £50 for a pair of workout leggings is nothing, especially when they're just that good, in every single way.

   I'll update in 2 weeks, by which time I should have gotten to grips with No More Trouble Zones and been able to juggle the two DVDs. So come back if you wanna know what's up!


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