Tuesday 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween!

   Yes, it's upon us, and in keeping with the modern spirit of the holiday, there's free shipping in my Etsy shop today (& night) only! That's for everyone, by the way. International and domestic, no code necessary ♥

   And look! I dressed up! Okay, so it wasn't much effort, but it's something! I'm also making a Halloweeny dinner for the family again this year - it's better than my jack-o-lantern bell peppers, which were let down by the lack of sauce on the black bean spaghetti. I was prioritising calories and trying to cut out as many carbs as I could, so flavour and texture suffered. But not this time. Though I'm not sure when it will be up.
   I also listed a new product today - a porg necklace - which I'm pleased with. But otherwise, I doubt there will be any new products listed for a while. Though for those who are unaware, I did recently add a custom korok necklace listing so you no longer have to contact me if you'd like a unique korok first!

Stay safe tonight, everyone!
And Happy Halloween! 


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