Friday 13 October 2017

Friday Favourites

This week has been crazy. I've struggled to keep up with Inktober, but rather than get stressed out by it, I let it slide, and focused on restocking my Etsy shop for Christmas. 20 koroks, kodama, Totoros, and lots of robins and baby penguins, too. It's been hectic, but kind of enjoyable to be so busy. I hit a wall with my writing so it's been good to be able to back off of it and focus on something else rather than 'back off' but continue obsessing over paper rather than a laptop.
Seeg has been replaying Sleeping Dogs - I'm not sure what put it in his head, but I'm grateful, because it's such a great game, so it's been a pleasure to watch him play it through again. He finished it last night, but there's still DLC which we didn't have the first time around, so yay new content.
Also, Graze's cocoa & vanilla protein flapjacks. It's hardly a new thing, but I've been obsessing over them lately. I never used to allow myself such an indulgence - y'know, carbs - but my recent efforts to amend my destructive eating habits have opened new doors I didn't even realise were closed! Try them yourself - get a free Graze box with the code KIMW2WW6P

Oh, and don't forget to sign up to my Christmas sock exchange to make, send and receive a mini Christmas stocking in November! Anyone can participate, though you can opt out of an international partner, but the sign-ups close on the 24th of October.

Feather gloss Lisette leggings by Fabletics   ♥   Graze cocoa vanilla flapjack
Silver twig ring by SongsofInkandSteel   ♥   Sleeping Dogs


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