Saturday 21 October 2017

Animal Lovers' Christmas Gift Guide

   Ahh, Christmas shopping. It's a hard time of year. For some people on your list, you get fifty ideas at just the mention of their name. For takes fifty minutes to get one idea while amassing everything you know about them. My list is quite short - I have a small group of friends and a small family, and the same goes for Seeg's side - but that doesn't mean it's easy.
   It's for this reason that I like to put gift guides together. I try to curate them based on the interests of the people I struggle with the most in the hope that I might find something as I go. But I also just enjoy making them. So I put in the best effort I can in the hopes of helping you out, too.

   So this is the first of this year's compilations: a Christmas gift guide for animal lovers. Filled with wildlife gifts for him, for her, and for the home. Biscuits, blankets, jewellery, ornaments - hopefully something on this list will give you (and me) an idea for the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life. Perhaps it will even be something from this very list!
   Plus, a bonus link to a website great for animal and wildlife stocking fillers! 

1 - Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 desk diary
2 - Handmade sika deer wildlife terrarium necklace
3 - Highland cow enamel pin
4 - Hand-iced woodland animal biscuits; mix & match
5 - Zoo Keeper for a Day (Cotswold Wildlife Park)
6 - Wrendale Designs 'Night Before Christmas' fox mug
7 - Sparrow Flight fleece throw blanket
8 - Short-eared owl painting on wood slice
9 - Raku ceramic handmade emperor penguin sculpture

And for the best animal-lover's stocking fillers: London Natural History Museum Shop


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