Friday 22 September 2017


   Autumn is probably my favourite season. I always used to think it was winter - it's easier to warm up than it is to cool down, I prefer staying indoors anyway, workouts have the additional benefit of warming you up for free, and, of course, Christmas is right around the corner. But lately, I'm finding that my mind is changing. I think I prefer the comfortable run-up instead, when it's not too cold and you can still venture out of the house without gloves or a scarf, and when the trees start to change colour, drop their leaves and hibernate. The world feels like its slowing down, it feels so peaceful; all the mad rush and enjoyment of summer to try and get out and do things is replaced with a more considered approach, and snuggling down in a jumper with a book by the fire starts to move its way up people's to-do list.
   I also find that, while spring gets my concentration in order and often encourages me to step up my game with my writing, autumn tends to get me into a more organisational mode. Perhaps that's because of the impending Christmas rush in my Etsy shop, and because, despite my better judgement, I like to host a Christmas sock exchange and often try to revive my passion for photography, crafts and drawing at the same time. But I find myself tidying the house more often, taking note of inventory, stocking up on all the niggly bits I need for my shop and, specifically, Christmas packaging, and even giving my blog a clean.

   But despite what is basically the start of the hectic season, the idea of warm breakfasts, jumpers, warm and neutral colours everywhere gives me goosebumps. Or perhaps that's the wonderful chill.
   I already have some things planned in the kitchen, even a couple of days out. And I can't wait.

   What are your favourite things about autumn? Aside from pumpkin spice.

Trumpeter swans, WWT Slimbridge, autumn 2016 ♥


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