Monday 4 September 2017

September: Just Jhoom!

   The 30 Day Shred went well, but it was tough, despite my initial ego over-confidence presumptions. So, this month I'm opting for something a little easier, and certainly much more fun.
   It's a known fact among long-term readers that dance is my weakness. I'm always absolutely enthralled by dancing, especially when it's done by a large, synchronised group. Irish step dance is my favourite - I used Jean Butler's Irish Dance Masterclass DVD back in 2014 - and my favourite routine is Warriors from The Lord of the Dance. The music is epic, the moves are epic, and the synchronisation, oh my.
   I have never really seen a Bollywood film, simply because...well, I'm not sure why. I'm usually absorbed in fantasy, I suppose. The closest I've come is The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which was just such a stupidly good film it's shot up onto my top 10. And, would you believe, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - ie the sequel - is just as good as the first, which is so rare for sequels! But the reason I bring it up is because, at the end of the Second Best, there is a synchronised Bollywood dance. I will never watch The Last Airbender in the same way again.
   Actually, that's not true. I will never watch The Last Airbender movie again. Period.

   Anyway. My eyes were glued to the screen, Seeg was laughing at me, and I fell asleep that night twitching in bed, so enthralled I was.
   I've used an Irish dance workout, a Scottish dance workout, an African dance workout - naturally, Bollywood comes next. And that's where Just Jhoom! comes in. Inspired by the routines of Bollywood films, they're big, they're bouncy, and they're fun.
   And so this is my chosen workout for the month - lower impact than Jillian KillMeNow Michaels, and an ideal follow-on before a big post-holiday slim down with Kettlercise.

   I also received the Just Jhoom! cookbook, full of Indian recipes and healthy or lighter alternatives to classic dishes, which I'm hoping will encourage me to put some more carbs on my plate. I'm looking forward to making some for the family!

   I'll post again in 2 weeks with an update on the DVD, and the cookbook, and, hopefully, an improvement in my body and mood. It will be nice to have a workout that doesn't inspire so much dread...


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