Monday 18 September 2017

Just Jhoom! - 2 Weeks Later

   I've been using Just Jhoom! for two weeks now, and it's not been what I expected. I'm always dubious over indie workouts - but I always use them because they are always so fresh and much more interesting than triple-A titles. But because they're not triple-A, there's more room for poor instruction. Fortunately, I've only come across one indie workout so far that lived up to that expectation, and Just Jhoom! is not it.
   Just Jhoom! is a fabulous workout as far as dance cardio goes. It's different, it's fun, and unlike a lot of 'Bollywood' dance workouts I've seen, isn't belly dancing. They are routines taken straight from some of the top Bollywood films, and are so much fun because of it.

   So far, it's been harder than I'd expected - the moves are unfamiliar, unlike anything I've done before, but the control over them is also a challenge. I find my core engaging far more often than in other dance workouts, and there are a few moves in particular that tilt your upper body. To move in and out of that in time with the beat, you really have to engage  your abs and obliques. It's surprisingly tough.
   But it's also a lot more fun because of it, and it's great knowing that your body is doing more in the workout than you think it is. Dance in general is quite disciplined, but it's always nice when you get a dance workout that really highlights that fact. Irish and Scottish dance are other examples.

   I've also been using the Just Jhoom! cookbook, which my family has been loving because I don't often make Indian food, or anything like it. But I have been trying to make more world dishes - my best so far are Japanese okonomiyaki and South African bobotie. But Cook to Jhoom! provides surprisingly easy - and healthy - recipes with Indian influence. I've made a few mains and sides so far, with the lean lamb kebabs being a particular hit.

   I'm quite looking forward to another two weeks of Just Jhoom!, but I admit that I am a little disappointed that there are only four routines. I'd love to see a second DVD - though, in fairness, the same goes with Kukuwa and with Kelta Fit. It seems that, while most indie fitness programs do a great job on their product, expanding their range is often overlooked. I presume, however, that this is because they're small-scale and are busy teaching classes. Which sucks for people like me who have obligations keeping them in the house all day. There are loads of classes I'd love to attend, but time out of the house is impossible.
   Which makes it much worse when indie fitness programs limit their programs to live classes and don't produce DVDs of online videos at all!

   *Ahem* Anyway, next update in 2 weeks!


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