Wednesday 2 March 2016

Wednesday: Come To The Dark Side Workout

   The third workout in my picks from is Come To The Dark Side, a bo staff workout that I'll be doing for the next five Wednesdays, beginning today.

   DareBee's Dark Side workout seems to me to be based on the Sith from Star Wars, albeit loosely given the change in grip on the staff, but I'm still keen to try it out. I've had a bo staff for some time so it's great to finally get the chance to use it, and I've always preferred the Sith over the Jedi. The moves are different to anything I've done before but I'm hoping it won't be as taxing as the other workouts I've selected, which is why I chose it at all. I usually take a break on Wednesdays, you see, so I thought a lower-key workout like this would be appropriate, and this one also seems to be more conditioning than strength or cardio, so I'm hoping it'll be appropriate. I'll find out in an hour, I suppose.
   I admit I'm a little concerned that I won't have enough room to do this adequately, which is also why I decided to use Dark Side in my rotation rather than Bender, despite the fact that I love Avatar a thousand times over Star Wars, but I've got the other anyway, just in case.
   I don't have a soundtrack for this, and I don't think the films will spur me on enough, so I've got Two Steps From Hell on hand for this one. So my kit for today:


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