Tuesday 1 March 2016

Tuesday: Super Saiyan Workout

   The second workout of the week from my selection from Darebee.com is Super Saiyan, and I'll do this one every Tuesday for the next five weeks, starting today.

   DareBee's Super Saiyan workout is based on Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z, which is sort of the Japanese Super Man and is infinitely better, and was the second anime I ever watched (Pokemon came first) when I was about 11. I mentioned it to my friends recently and they told me I used to talk their ears off about Son Goku in school, and they never watched it but could still tell me more about the program than I could recall. I always wanted to be a Saiyan.
   It's a very strength-focused workout but has a couple of cardio moves half way through, which will make for a nice change, and while it does look painfully challenging - I don't like the look of the raised leg push-ups - the number of reps balance it out. But this is one of the definite benefits of this kind of workout: if I saw this in Women's Fitness magazine I'd probably turn the page and keep going with a little more urgency, but slap the silhouette of a powered up Saiyan and name it as such, and I'm sold. I also love the insanity that is level 4 - or 'super Saiyan' - that consists of 10 sets. I'm hoping I can reach Level 3 with this workout, but I also know that while the number of reps make it look easy, it probably won't be at all.
   No kit at all is needed for this, which is great, and while I have no specific soundtrack for this, I can either play Two Steps From Hell, or stick Dragon Ball Z on the TV and let Freeza spur me on.


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