Friday 4 March 2016

Friday: Dragonborn Workout

   The penultimate workout from my picks is Dragonborn, and I'm quite excited about it! I'll be using it every Friday for the next 5 weeks.

   DareBee's Dragonborn workout is based on Bethesda's game, Skyrim. It's one of my favourites and I've easily put 300 hours into it, and it was the second workout I'd seen from this source on 9gag, and what drew me back in on Pinterest recently. The Dragonborn is as it sounds, an individual of legend born with the spirit of a dragon, and is the character you play in Skyrim, fulfilling one of many prophecies in the Elder Scrolls. Of course this character is made entirely by you, so it could be a skinny female dark elf like mine, or a hulking male nord. Or a khajit, apparently. But the land of Skyrim is harsh and it takes resilience to live there, and this workout, I feel, reflects that.
   Dragonborn is an almost entirely strength workout, very controlled and very strong. I'd imagine my heartrate would rise enough with this if I do it right, but given that the slower you do these kinds of things the more muscle fibres you activate, it may not be a bad idea to dial it back. Either way, you should never take a workout beyond a pace you can handle or you risk injury, and I do want to build my strength as well as lose weight, so, for this workout, I think I will focus on trying to do more sets than going like a bat out of hell and breaking form.
   Another bodyweight circuit, I need no kit for this but myself and a mat to make those leg raises a little more comfortable, but as for music, I have my Skyrim soundtrack. The trouble is that this is the longest soundtrack I have of any game, and as a result there's a lot of ambient tracks as well as notable ones, but if it's a controlled workout rather than one based on speed and power, it shouldn't be an issue.

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  1. Dragonborn workout, what a concept! :O

    Regarding Skyrim and it's soundtrack composer Jeremy Soule, I’ve been a big fan of his music since Morrowind. Spent hours just walking around the countryside in search for the next exploration track. Actually he was my main inspiration to start my own soundtrack project Celestial Aeon Project and eventually led me to publishing unofficial music packs for Oblivion and Skyrim. If you are interested, here is a compilation of the Skyrim pack: – it got quite popular response on Steam.


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