Saturday 5 March 2016

Saturday: Mulan Workout

   The sixth, last and by no means least, the final workout in my selection from is Mulan, another combat-focused cardio workout that I'm quite excited by, and, as all the workouts that came before, this one will be used every Saturday for the next five weeks.

   Darebee's Mulan workout is based, of course, on the legendary Chinese story of Hua Mulan, a woman who takes her father's place to serve in defending her home from invaders during the Han Dynasty (historically). Though I admittedly know it mostly from Disney's adaptation, as most of us in the West do.
   This is a very combat-based workout with punches, chops and archers, and should, for the most part, be great cardio. I've got good experience with kickboxing so it's nice to see new moves like the archers that should help shake it up and prevent my mind from switching off. Done at a good pace, it should provide pretty good cardio, but moves like the deep cross chops will require more focus and control as I have a tendancy to mess up my side lunges more easily than other moves.
   This workout requires no kit, but I do have a CD of Chinese music, but I fear it's not truly suited. It will have to do for now, but hopefully I'll find something more suitable by next week.
   Let's get down to business...

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