Wednesday 29 April 2015

Leafy Green Salad with Greek Yogurt & Moringa

   With the weather warming up at a surprising rate, hot food isn't quite as desirable as it could be. You can't beat a good roast regardless of the time of year, but I, like many others, find myself turning towards salads.
   I love greenery - there are flowers in my garden, but it's the different shapes and shades of the leaves that interest me, especially in the early morning or evening when the clouds are thick with rain and the sun gives them a grey-gold cast, it really makes the green pop! So I can't help making salads that are green, green and green. It makes me seem unimaginative, I know, but it's the colour I love. But that's not much of a varied, nutritious meal, so it doesn't do much good in the end.

   This simple green salad is perfect for spring, with carrots adding a pop of colour and chicken and walnuts for a different texture - not to mention a delicious helping of protein and healthy fats that will keep you feeling fuller for longer! But to make it extra special (and extra green) and bring the different flavours together, greek yogurt and moringa dressing! The greek yogurt is low in fat so it doesn't overpower the walnuts, and it adds a good dose of calcium, and the moringa, nature's multivitamin, boosts the salad's nutritional benefits through the roof!
   Plus, it's just 250 calories!

A handful of mixed salad leaves and different lettuces
100g chicken pieces
2 walnuts
a handful of carrot batons
50g greek yogurt
5g powdered moringa (I used Aduna's moringa powder)

Crack open the walnuts and, leaving their waxy skin on, break each half into half again.
Throw together the lettuce and leaves, the pieces of cold chicken, broken walnuts and carrot batons.
Mix together the greek yogurt and moringa powder and spoon over the top, or mix it all into the salad for a thin coating.


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