Wednesday 1 April 2015

April Fool's Day with Boomf

That post title really makes this sound endorsed, doesn't it? It wasn't!

   This is sort of an on-going joke between Seeg and I. My nephew likes to call people silly monkeys and he says it in the cutest way, like 5 year olds do. Seeg and I sort of picked it up and it became habit, and then 'silly' was dropped and we just call eachother 'monkey'. That's fairly normal. It escalated a little, however, and when he left his PC alone I'd google 'monkey', found this image and I'd leave it open on that page. He did the same to me, so I started leaving it hidden amongst his browser tabs, then I eventually set up a load of files on his desktop to lead him to it. I didn't change his wallpaper, as obvious as that was, because he searches far too long and far too hard to find a wallpaper that will serve him for months.
   It was always the same monkey picture because it was cute and funny at the same time, and he quickly started doing the same thing to me.

   I saw an ad for Boomf on the TV a few months ago, a company that prints images onto marshmallows from files on your computer, but they can also do Instagram for you 'grammers out there. Anyway, I thought it would be hilarious to get the monkey printed for April Fool's Day, so I did! £15 is steep for a box of 9 marshmallows, but shipping is included in that price, with free worldwide delivery, too. However, as a novelty, Boomf is pretty cool. The marshmallows are about 1.5 inches in size and one would be enough for a hot chocolate, and it's just over 90 calories for 4. The colours are artificial, however, but the marshmallows can be made halal by ticking the little box in your basket.

   I got the monkey printed as a 'jigsaw' rather than having him printed 9 times. To jigsaw an image you upload just one, click it, click 'preview and edit your Boomf', click the image again and press 'jigsaw'. If you want to reposition the image you'll have to do that first. Click 'crop' and you'll be able to reposition the image. Only when you're happy with the positioning should you click 'jigsaw' otherwise the whole thing gets confused and you can only select individual marshmallows, but those marshmallows only have a piece of the picture.

   I think they came out better than expected. A lot of the Boomf I saw elsewhere seemed poorly printed - their colours were too light and the pictures were far from clear, but that could have been because they were 9 individual images and subsequently quite small. Having a single picture jigsawed instead seems to look clearer. Funnily enough, the picture that wasn't printed very well was the one that accompanied the marshmallows as a reminder of what you had printed once they're all gone. There was a big blue line down the centre of the money's face. It did bother me a little, but I'd rather a misprint there than on the marshmallows, and since it's the marshmallows that count, I can overlook it.
   You'll also notice that the marshmallows, while nicely presented, look a bit strange as a jigsaw because of the gaps between them, but once you take them out and push them all together, the image would align perfectly. I've not opened them yet - I'm giving them to Seeg later - but I don't think I'm going to be left with the chance to photograph them once open. The marshmallows keep for about 6 months (there is an expiry date on the back) while they're still sealed in their plastic, but 3-5 days once you open them. But if there are only 9 in a box, they wouldn't last for that long anyway!

   I may buy more in the future, but I thought it was perfect for April Fool's Day!


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