Tuesday 15 November 2011

Etsy Favourite Feature

More pieces from my list of Etsy favourites! And for once I actually have experience with one
of the featured sellers! I'll leave you to figure out which! But they're a fantastic seller and a
fantastic person. But these products are all amazing, and all worth both your time and mine.
So give them some love and check out their respective shops!


And now, on an unrelated note, I'd also like to draw your attention to a gorgeous photograph I stumbled upon while browsing one of my favourite blogs, Shutter Happy Photography:

The colours, the focus, and the range all make me want to grab my camera and start photography again! I won't, though, or I'd need to redecorate my room again (it's brown now. It used to be a pale peach colour which reflected light perfectly! But I prefer brown, and hadn't photographed for a long time before I had it redecorated anyway).


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for featuring my fish! I really love your blog. It looks so pretty! I'll definitely be back to check out more of your favourites.

  2. Oh Kim, you are so sweet!
    I definitely wish we could repaint my entire house for exactly that reason :) hot pink bedroom and navy blue family room just isn't working for me.


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