Tuesday 26 July 2011


It seems to be being made.

The giveaway being held on Borderless has drawn in some interest, and I have even been asked to contribute to another giveaway. I said yes to this one, but I'm afraid I will have to decline anymore. I don't want to give out what I can't afford. I was originally going to say no to both of them, but when I stopped and thought about the potential advertising involved, I thought again. Then once I'd said yes I was told that I would get additional advertising even after the event, which sealed the deal for me ;P

I've also just posted one of my personal favourites: dinosaur skulls. I'm a huge dinosaur fanatic, and one of the only two things I think I could truly enjoy doing with my career life is paleontology. The other is fantasy writing, which seems a hell of a lot more likely to happen given that I have actually completed the first book of my trilogy now, and I never finished my A levels :P

The best thing about these dinosaur necklaces is that, provided that an entire skull has been found, I can make any dinosaur you want! I'm sure I could make pretty much any animal, but I don't want to sell myself out. Dinosaurs only, for now, and in any colour you want :P


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