Tuesday 19 July 2011

New Image

So it's all coming to be a little harder than expected. I quickly go off of names so I have yet to actually settle on one. The list is there, however, and I have the basic idea of what I want. I've made a few more necklaces and I'm quite excited about getting them out onto dA and Etsy - of course, as far as links and webpages go, this change will also lead to new URLs and such. Hopefully no one will get too lost though.

Fortunately, in some sort of way, as I have few people watching this space at the moment, I won't lose much if any traffic. I've made one sale on Etsy, and was left no feedback, so I haven't got that to worry about, I probably won't make a new dA, so as far as it all goes, it's only really Etsy and this blog that wil/might change, respectively.

Either way, keep eyes and ears open!


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