Thursday 28 July 2011

New Ideas

I was a litte worried lately. I was beginning to think that I had made a terrible mistake.
I've not gotten much extra traffic from this first give away, but that's ok, it's kind of a relief - I'm really not ready for it. However, that doesn't mean I haven't been trying to get my shop "out there" a little more. But, over the past few days, I couldn't think of anything new, no new ideas for jewellery or anything. I was worried that I'd started to try advertising a little too soon, way before I was ready. Even now, I only have 5 things in my shop, one of which will be disappearing soon too.
But, fortunately, last night I was staring out of my window, trying to fall asleep, and I saw a star. Then, for some reason, a completed necklace just popped into my head. It's original, it could really catch on, and I personally think it's gorgeous. All I need is a little PVA glue xD
I can get started immediately, but the finished piece won't be done for a few days, if it even works. But I won't disclose anything except that it involves something big, bright, and beautiful.

Keep your eyes open. If it works, it'll be up on Etsy straight away, and up on my dA. I may even post it here too! If it doesn't work, I'll probably say so too.


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