Friday 1 July 2011

Mechanical Ladybird

As this is my first blog post, I'll get you up to date.
Last weekend I attended my first fair. It was blowing a gale that day, unfortunately, so I had to bluetack every last earring and necklace down to the table, but I sat there for 5 hours nevertheless with my boyfriend.
I made a few sales, and I'm happy with how it went (though not so much with the sunburn I got - note: just because it's very cloudy and windy, does -not- mean you cannot get roasted).

But that was a few days ago. Now I'm looking forward. I've been notified of a few other fairs I could attend around Christmas, one for charity, and one in the same place as the recent one. I also have some new ideas for my main jewellery to go up on Etsy to sell to the world.

I feel good about all of this, and I even plan on getting a few pieces up on Etsy that are not jewellery related :D I've made a few batches and they get better each time :D

Anyway people, keep your eyes peeled for offers, give aways and news! It will all be here! But for now, here is my Etsy!


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