Ahh, food. Healthy and indulgent. Yes, those two words can be used together and the moon won't fall out of the sky.
   That's not to say, though, that all of these recipes are healthy. There are cakes, there are cookies. Indulgence is part of life, and moderation is key. Never cut out the things you love entirely, but trust me when I tell you that having them less and less often makes them all the sweeter. Back in the days I used to scoff down a 'share' sized bag of maltesers in a single sitting, I never imagined that, one day, I could honestly be satisfied with 1 square of chocolate...
   I don't post here often, but the newest pieces are always added to the top of the visual list - you can tell by the picture quality, really... 

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Lunch & Dinner


Desserts (healthy)

Sweets (not so healthy)

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