Tuesday 3 April 2018

FitFlow - 4 Weeks Later

   I've spent 4 weeks on FitFlow now, and I have to say that while the variety is great, it isn't really enough. It's perfect if you have little time and would otherwise be doing nothing, or if you're new to fitness and don't want anything too daunting, be it in time or difficulty, but for someone like me, who likes to max it out on every workout, it feels more like a rest day.
   It's all relative, of course, and I'm absolutely not trying to stomp on anyone's personal sense of accomplishment, but, for me, it's not enough. Like I said: relative.
   FitFlow Max was infinitely better for my workout style - longer sessions and much more dynamic. But that's not to say that FitFlow wasn't enjoyable. Having a new video every day (or in my case, two new videos every other day) really does maintain some level of excitement throughout the whole month, and moving between HIIT, yoga and a combination of the two does keep every day different, and keeps your body from getting stuck in a rut. It's consistently refreshing.
   Of course, I had a feeling it would be this way from the start which is why I decided to double up and play 2 videos a day rather than just one, and for that reason I feel that I've gotten more out of it than I otherwise would have. But in the past week I've been using FitFlow after 30 minutes of resistance, and I feel like I've been getting even more out of it from that, and that's actually helped improve the enjoyment.

   I have decided, though, that it's not really a program suited to anyone trying to lose weight. It's true that HIIT is an effective form of exercise, but the movements and 12-minute time frame of each HIIT workout is too meagre to yield results alone, and while it's also true that any exercise is better than nothing, the low to medium intensity of the program as a whole isn't going to do much for anyone.
   It is, however, ideal if you're looking to simply get active or stay active but have little time each day in which to do so.
   Unfortunately, Cody's abandonment of the a la carte system rubs me up the wrong way because I hate to pay subscription fees, I prefer to pay more, buy the thing as a whole and use it as and when I like, but at the same time their prices were quite high and I can see that it would put people off.
   Fortunately, they do have a 7-day free trial so you can test out lots of videos before paying anything out. I may get a subscription fee in the future, there are a couple of programs I still want to try, but as it is, it still rankles to have to do so.

   I'm basically restarting FitFlow for the coming month and sticking with the doubling up method, but as I've taken on this new resistance training plan - yes, I know, I can't stop talking about it but I'm so excited about it! - I should be able to get more out of FitFlow this time around than I did the first.
   I will be posting a review of the FitFlow program in the coming few weeks!


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