Monday 30 April 2018

May: 10 Minute Body Transformation

   I've spent two months on FitFlow and one on my resistance programs, and it has been pretty great. I'm genuinely feeling stronger, I'm seeing more definition in my shoulders, my bum has been getting bigger (massive achievement for someone who, until a couple of years ago, had nothing between her back and hamstrings) and, most shockingly, my shoulder blades are much more prominent. That might be because I don't look back there that often but my goodness it's changed!
   But. Fat burn could be better. And as May is wedding month, it's time to turn it up.

   These are my last 5 weeks on my present resistance training regimen and I want to amp up the cardio. So while I had something else in mind to replace FitFlow, I'm postponing that and returning instead to Jillian Michaels' 10 Minute Body Transformation. Time keeps getting the better of me and by the time I get started on my warm up, I'm not left with a great window at the end for the cardio I'd like. That has meant that FitFlow has been restricted to just one video a day, so I've been prioritising their 10-minute HIIT videos, but the difficulty isn't what it could be. This time, however, I'm opting for the toughest, tightest window I can find, and that's 10 Minute Body. It's tough, but it works, especially when used after controlled resistance training. Why? I've told you about glycogen-to-fat burning about a million times. I won't tell you again. At least, not today.

   Anyway, as it's a super special month, I've got a few other things to make it stand out and look a little more pretty beneath the sweat, blood and tears:
   Fabletics' secret garden print leggings. It took me a long time to decide I liked this print, and by the time I made up my mind, I didn't have much to choose from and snapped them up last-minute. Truly. They're not my usual cut or fabric - I usually go for salar leggings, then salar capris, while these are gia powerlite capris - but I loved the print so much that in the end I took it where I could get it. I'm breaking out all of my florals and lights this month, but these reign supreme.

   FreeSoul. A full set with whey protein, a shaker bottle, pre-workout (which aren't artificial or thermogenic voodoo), wake-up tea and bed-time tea, neither of which are detoxes, and a bonus t-shirt.
   There's enough protein, tea and pre-workout to see me through the month, and I'm quite excited. I learned long ago that having something simple like this that I begin using at the start of the month to last me to the end can be enough to boost my motivation, even if it's the same thing I always use just beneath a different label. And this resistance training is already tough, so throwing in some brutal Jillian Michaels 10-minute workouts at the end is going to leave me hanging. I'll take any boost I can get.
   Also, look at the colours. It's all so pretty!!

   Blogilates bridal workouts. I've been trying these off and on over the last couple of weeks - I did a couple while we were away, too - and they're doubtlessly going to be slipped into my Tuesday and Thursday rest days (read: yoga and core strengthening). The set is so pretty, her outfits are so pretty, and the motivation behind it is, obviously, perfect. I'm gonna be a bride!!

   You won't hear much about the Jillian Michaels workout since I've blogged and reviewed it before, but that means you can grab any info and insights you want about it right now! Otherwise, that's this month's set-up. The same solid and, evidently, effective resistance routine followed by Jillian Michaels with a little bit of Blogilates thrown in on off-days.
   I'll be changing up my resistance on June 4th - the first monday - and a new cardio workout DVD will join it. So it's all new in June!


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