Friday 13 May 2016

Of Ash And Dew - Three

   I should reach the oracle in three more days, but the incident beneath the bridge has been weighing on my mind ever since. I've found myself staring at the blade countless times every night, turning it in the moonlight and practicing my grip, then the stances Tarui showed me and doing my best to remember his every word. I'd felt silly at first, but I quickly decided that I can't let that get in my way. Tarui was right when he said that the region is dangerous, but the threat isn't just from bandits. There are great beasts out here, I hear their howls even as I write this, and while I can better escape the movements of nature than those of man, I would still feel better knowing I can cut more than vines with this blade. And for that to be the case, I need to practise.

   But the movements of men are not something I feel I need to fear for now. The tangled woods of Malíchi lie ahead, where the roots are said to move and chase your feet, and if you should harm the oldest of boughs, those roots will catch you like a fly in a web and drag you into the earth, and if you should harm the youngest, they themselves will snatch you and draw you into the tree itself. But if you know this, you will be safe.
   Men, however, do not know this, and all those that are seen wandering in are never spotted again.
   But the road doesn't grow easier upon leaving the trees' reach, instead it only becomes different. The Shales sprawl beyond, a region prone to rock slides, where one wrong footfall can result in a buried village, or the creation of your own tomb.
   The thought that the oracle has chosen to live beyond these places for a reason has occurred to me, that maybe he seeks to test those who seek his guidance, or perhaps it's to escape them. But regardless of his intentions, I will find him, and I will hear from him what I need to.
   But I need to pass through these trials first.
   Tída, give me strength.

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