Monday 23 May 2016

Of Ash And Dew - Six

   Mítrei shook despite the blankets wrapped tightly around her, tossing and turning in a feverish sleep, mumbling beneath her breath. As her mind tore through senseless dreams of water shattering against jagged rocks, monsters with foot-long teeth emerging from white foam, fires burning in her chest and deafening roars, the room around her was spitefully still and silent, occupied by a single young girl besides herself who watched her vigilantly.
   Sweat beaded across her forehead and the child was quick to mop it away, and when another mumble left Mítrei's dry lips, she peered closely upon her to see if she was waking. But she was left disappointed once again.
   The door opened quietly behind her and her father stepped inside. He spoke softly, but the girl shook her head, and he turned concerned eyes down at the near-drowned woman. But he didn't stay; after another quiet word to his daughter, the hunter turned and left and the girl shortly followed, sending a hesitant glance back towards her.
   Mítrei heard nothing as the door closed. She was lost to her nightmares, held in the same torturously deep sleep she had been since the hunter had found her, washed up on the nearby river bank. How she was still alive no one could say, but she was surely lucky to have avoided being the eighteenth victim of the storm, just as she was lucky to have not been found by slavers. She would recover. She needed only rest and warmth. But what she would do when she came around was one of the hunter's concerns. It was a risk to take her in at all, but he couldn't leave her out there to die. He could only keep her hidden.

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