Sunday 1 May 2016

Lean In 14 - 4 Weeks Later

   Lean In 14 may have only been a two-week plan, but as it was the workout I selected to try for April, I was determined to see it through for four weeks. I wrote about it two weeks ago and thought I saw results, but I wasn't sure. Now, however, I can tell you that just a few days later I wasn't imagining them. My hips felt sharper, my lower abs were definitely flatter, my back was slimmer and my bum was bigger. I shrugged it off initially, assuming it was a fluke - everyone has good days and bad days, and I assumed that they were just a few good days when the mirror liked me. Typically, such bouts lasted about 3-4 days.
   This, however, is still going on almost two weeks later, and the tape measure and scales agree. Not only have I lost weight this month, but I've really felt the changes everywhere. Usually, if there are any results, I don't see or feel them, often only discovering them when I go to record it all at the end of the month. That can really weaken my resolve through the month, feeling no changes can make me start thinking that my hard work isn't presenting me with much, and that makes me unmotivated in the mornings so I don't want to bother doing it. I do, of course, because I won't get anywhere if I give up, but I struggle to enjoy doing it. This month, however, I only dreaded it at the end of the week when I was exhausted.

   I've massively enjoyed using this DVD and already started on my rather long DVD review, but, spoiler alert, I'l tell you right now that this is the best kettlebell workout I've ever used, and that, if you only buy one workout DVD this year, make it this one.

   But I did realise something that helped this week, too. I read an article someone wrote about why they love and hate Jillian Michaels, and I found myself agreeing with everything they said, most notably that she has taught me to realise when I'm choosing comfort over results. This applies in my life as well as my workout, and since I started using her DVDs and unknowingly taking her words to heart, every aspect of my life has improved because I go after the things I want more fiercely. But this was also something I had forgotten, and only when I read it did I remember that I can do pronated rows and halos with 6kg. For the whole first week, I had been using 4kg because it was more 'managable' than with 6kg, but I had forgotten that 'managable' isn't the point, and only when you get uncomfortable are you going to see results. I was wasting my time by holding myself back, and that realisation gave me new drive, new determination, and I think it really helped.

   So, this month has been epic, and while I'm so happy to see the back of it, because it was so hard, I will absolutely use it again.


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