Thursday 12 February 2015

Valentine's Day - Do You Bother?

   It's something I've been thinking about lately. Perhaps it's because Seeg and I don't really make a big deal out of it, but I'm under the impression that most couples don't, these days. Of course, I have nothing to really base that on, it's just a feeling I've been getting. I think the only people who really bother with it are new couples, and it's the single people who seem to make the biggest deal out of it, either by feeling exceptionally lonely on that day, or being avidly against the event. Either way, I've began to wonder if anyone really does much for it.

   I'm not anti-Valentine's Day - I was when I was single, because I was lonely, but I don't really bash it. Hallmark holiday, yes, but let's be honest, it's nice. But I don't believe people should put too much effort into Valentine's Day. It's a great opportunity to express your love for your partner in a louder way than usual, and there are lots of love-based products on the market to make that easier (I don't just mean red roses and chocolates, I mean exclusive products by handmade sellers such as myself that aren't as generic as store-bought goods), but it's a couple's anniversary that deserves the most effort, and even then, by no means should those two be the only days in a year that you make an effort. Every day should be an opportunity, and taking your partner out to a fancy restaurant on a random day of the year would be more special and be more appreciated simply because it wasn't expected. Not to mention probably a lot easier to get a reservation.

   Like I said, Seeg and I don't really bother with Valentine's Day. I did initially because it was exciting, but he made it clear right off the bat that he didn't really care for it. He's lucky I was level-headed enough to understand and not get upset, because I think a lot of women would have heard him say that but think he was planning something and trying to throw them off. Fortunately he understood that it meant something to me back then and he made an effort, but after 2 Valentine's Days, we didn't really bother anymore. Or, neither of us put much effort or expectation into it. We always watch a movie or a DVD together in the evening, and while initially we tried to find a new movie or something to watch, the past couple of years it's just been binge-watching a series we've usually already seen. I can already tell you that this year it's going to be Stargate. Neither of us are particularly into romantic movies, and these days most rom-coms don't match our sense of humour, so we usually opt for fantasy or sci-fi, something we're both more likely to enjoy.
   I make cakes, too, little ones that are easy for the whole family to share, and I get him a gift, but not much effort goes into it, it's usually something he's said he wants. This year I bought him a figurine from Don't Starve - you may remember I showed you the Don't Starve chest I made him for our 3rd anniversary, an example of a gift that effort did go into - and I got one of those boxes of truffles from Thorntons with 'Kim ♥ Seger Valentine' written on it in chocolate (wanted to make it personal, had no idea what to write - it seems more like a reminder than anything else :P). I'm not sure he's getting me a gift - he knows I have something for him, but he procrastinates and odds are he'll forget, but we never make any formal, big 'Valentine' plans, and gifts are a part of that, so I'm not expecting anything. And anyway, if it mattered, I'd make sure he knew that. Besides, the chocolates are for the both of us anyway!

   Do you do anything for Valentine's Day? As a couple? On your own?



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