Sunday 8 February 2015

Jillian Michaels' Kickbox Fast Fix - 4 Weeks Later

Fun Rating: ★★★★☆    Difficulty Rating: ★★★☆☆     Results Rating: ★★★★☆

   I think that, by now, most of my readers know I love exercise. I look forward to doing it - mostly because I only do things I enjoy, not the things I hate - and because of that, it's meant that it's easy for me to do it every single day and make it as basic a part of my day as eating breakfast and brushing my teeth. I love dancing and yoga, but I also love strength and resistance training, and while that might seem more like genuine work to a lot of people, I've managed to find the fun in it, usually alongside a good soundtrack.
   I love kickboxing, too, because I kind of view it as a combination of dance and strength training, as strange as that may sound, so kickboxing had become my favourite exercise a while ago. But despite that, I didn't think I would get to the end of this workout and feel sad about having to change my workout...

   I loved Jillian Michaels' Kickbox Fast Fix. It was hard, yes; I was dead at the end, yes; but I loved it. I looked forward to it every day, much more so than any other workout, and when I realised I would have to miss out on my final day of that workout when I went to the Netherlands, it made me quite sad!
   It was a difficult workout, I grant, but given the powerful nature of kickboxing, you can really take out your frustrations much easier with this exercise than with others. I told you in my 2 Week update that I'd cried after the first two days because it was overwhelming. I realise how pansy and ridiculous that is to say, but I genuinely felt so much happier as well as exhausted after finishing up on those two first days, and it was awesome.
   In Jillian Michaels' typical fashion, she incorporates active recoveries between the moves, and you get a good fill of cardio and strength training through each, whether with hand weights or body weight, and while the three sections are split into upper body, lower body and abs, you get a good fill of kickboxing combination routines in amongst the rest. It's a diverse DVD but it teaches you the basics and a little more of kickboxing.

   I lost half an inch from my middle, which is the kind of result I get from really good workouts, but I will admit that there is less and less to lose now, so loss has started slowing down, so to be honest I'm surprised I managed to take that much off in a month! Especially when you bear in mind that I forgot to measure and weight until we got back from a week in The Netherlands with a few too many sweet treats. But what surprised me more was that I'd lost a full kilo as well, dropping from 55.5 kilos to 54.4 kilos, which really was a surprise!

   I'm going to write a DVD review soon where I'll focus more on its content than its effect. It is a tough DVD, and while there is a tutorial section I've not looked at, it would still be difficult with someone inexperienced. I've used a few kickboxing DVDs before, and I did Kickbox Fusion back in August 2014, though it was quite different in comparison, but I picked up the basics quickly enough, but I was really pleased to see that there was still more to learn from Kickbox Fast Fix.


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