Wednesday 21 January 2015

WCC: World of Warcraft Shadow Box

   Some of you might remember the crafting challenge I set myself on my other blog, The Wyvern's Tail. It was to make something World of Warcraft related without repeating a medium. I really enjoyed doing it, but Christmas 2013 was busy, and then throughout the entirety of 2014 I never picked it back up again because I simply got used to not doing it. Plus I agreed early 2014 to an art exhibit for summer 2015, so any time I would have spend making things for the self-imposed challenge went onto making pieces for the exhibit instead.
   I did attempt a few pieces last year, though, but none of them got finished. One came close, which is the one I finally decided to put together yesterday. It wasn't finished because I found the upper right corner to be too empty, but couldn't decide if I should put anything there or not, and if so, what? So all the pieces ended up sitting loose in the box I'd used, on a shelf out of the way. I got sick of looking at it in the end and just glued it all together, and I think it looks fine, empty corner or not. In fact, now I'm thinking that corner would be too much if I filled it in.

   The shadow box is set in Ashenvale, for those of you who are interested, as has a Night Elf springing an ambush on an Orc. I'm actually a Horde player, so naturally the Orc will win (because I said so), but I love Ashenvale, and I believe it belongs far more to the Night Elves than the Orcs.
   You can see more pictures of the finished thing and when it was in pieces on the original blog post. I would like to put together another, either from another game or simply another scene from WoW, because I really enjoyed making this, even if it did take me a while to finally put it together. It's a bit of a shame that the window on the lid of the box I used is acrylic because it's easily bumped and scratched, but it cost me no more than £7 anyway. Shadow box dioramas aren't expensive to make - once you've got the box, you just need paper/card and pens/paints. It's just a matter of patience really.

   It's nice to finally get a bit of creativity on the blog again...


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