Monday 12 January 2015

New Kit, New Motivation

   I've mentioned in the past how a new piece of kit can really boost my motivation for working out, and while I admit that this month, I really don't need that boost because the workout is so good and so much fun, I grabbed myself a few bargains in the January sales that I'm dying to wear!

   First, and most importantly, a new sports bra. Unlike your bum, your boobs are made of fat, so as you lose weight, your breasts will get smaller. This means I've had to replace my sports bras a few times over the past year and not because they've been worn out. And sports bras aren't cheap! But if you're busty and exercise 6 days a week with high impact workouts like I do, shelling out £30-£50 for a decent sports bra is a smart investment. I usually go for plain black bras, but for once I decided I'd go for some colour, but I couldn't decide which so I got them all. This sports bra by Panache is underwired with a moulded cup, and has a little hook on the back of the strap to pull it into a racerback if you don't like the straps showing.
   The next thing I got was much needed, my favourite sports top by USA Pro but in a smaller size. I'm glad I got it when I did because they were in the process of discontinuing the top, and now they've done so, an ongoing trend as they replace their stock with newer models, and while I'm the kind of person who prefers to stick to what she knows, I don't actually mind being pushed into buying alternative styles if it's by the same brand. It's just that I love the back of this top! The straps reach well past the shoulderblades and cross over between them to join on opposite sides at the bra line. I love workout tops with stuff going on at the back, and if I wasn't so busty I'd have already bought the Vaasa sports bra from Fabletics, but I have no hope of squeezing into it and keeping the support.
   Another piece from USA Pro is the black lotus 3/4 leggings. I love their all over prints, but lately I've not been too keen on them, but this one has to be my favourite since their Storm range. The black lotus leggings are just gorgeous, and I wish wish wish they made printed versions of their yoga mats, because I'd buy this in a heartbeat! They're comfy, have a flat, flattering waistband, and their stretchy moisture -wicking fabric is so comfortable! I've got about 5 or 6 pairs of these in different designs now.
   And finally, some brand new bamboo socks, again by USA Pro - you can tell they're my favourite brand, can't you? I find them very, very reliable for quality, comfort and fit, and with their outlet prices, straight from USA Pro themselves, I can afford to jump onto new styles and replace kit when it gets too big for me. I've already got about 6-8 pairs of these socks, but I couldn't help buying more. They're warm and cool, they're so soft and comfortable, and they have a flat seam at the toe (I used to get so irritated by sock seams that I wore them inside out for years. It was only when I bought a few patterned socks from New Look 6 months ago that I started wearing them the right way out, so I was dead pleased these socks had flat seams). Their soles are thick and absorbant, there's a wonderful arch support and they have a little bulgy bit at the top on the back which is perfect if your trainers rub the back of your ankle, as it stops your socks from slipping down beneath them. They've thought of everything, and I really do say that if there's anything from this lot you need to buy, it's these socks!

   So, while I'm enjoying this month's workout ridiculously, I'm super excited to get started with new kit! I've also jumped onto another brand for diet shakes, too, as Real Nutrition Co have discontinued their diet shakes while they work on a new formula. I saw an advert in Women's Fitness magazine with a discount for PHD Woman's weight control bundle so I thought it would be a good way to start January - trouble is it only arrived at the end of last week as it was out of stock, so I'm a little late starting it!


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