Wednesday 7 January 2015

Birthday Sale - 24% off

   It's my birthday on Friday! I'm a little bit gutted, though, as I'd wanted to make some confetti balloons to hang up since I don't sell them too often, but then, and I am kind of complaining, I sold a few sets all at once and realised as I put the orders together that I only had 3 balloons left! So that went out the window.
   *Ahem* anyways, yes, as some of you may remember from past years, I like to run a little sale on my birthday with an appropriate percentage off which, of course, grows every year. So if the number seems a little funny, that's why!
   The code BIRTHDAY2415 is valid until Tuesday 13th and can be used across Peaches and Pebbles to get 24% off of your order, just add the code to your basket and you're away!


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