Saturday 30 August 2014

Kickbox Fusion: 4 Weeks Later

Fun Rating: ★★★★☆    Difficulty Rating: ★★★☆☆     Results Rating: ★★★★☆

   For a workout I got off of the internet, with no instructor for the routine to help me keep my pace, I actually found Kickbox Fusion to be one of the best workouts I've done! I had trouble with some of the moves, and I admit that I actually ended up cutting the kapow kick out of my routine because I was evidently doing it wrong and it really started to hurt my knees - with a consistant DVD instructor that may not have happened, as instructors that go through it with you tend to mention things you should avoid and check, like your form, while doing so.
   It got my heartrate up massively, and with the modifications I gave it - 1 minute of each move instead of 45 seconds, with a 1 minute active rest between each set (15 seconds shuffle, 30 second butt kicks, 15 seconds shuffle) - I managed to last longer and do more, and once I'd finished the routine I wasn't so exhausted that I had to stop, so I was able to add another half hour of dance cardio at the end every day, which is a big win.
  Yes, it's difficult, but it gets results. I've said it time and time again: if a workout is easy, it's useless, and just because a workout was difficult for you once upon a time, doesn't mean it's still effective, either. I've got dance DVDs that I adore, but I've used them so much that the movements are second nature to me and my attention to what I'm doing wanes, which means my intensity wanes because I don't have to focus on doing it right - which leads to me doing it wrong sometimes, too. You really ought to adjust your workout every month - try new machines at the gym, new classes, move onto a new level of/buy a new DVD, try something completely different. This helps to avoid plateaus and lets you continue to challenge yourself and your body as well as keeping working out fun. And that is the exact reason that I made this new year's resolution back in January - easily my most successful new year's resolution, too.

   In short, I really do recommend this workout. It's simple as there are only 8 moves you have to learn and perfect, and while they're admittedly tough, you do see your own improvement as you go along as they stop being quite so difficult when you get better at them. Duck-a-punch really pulled at my lower back, but now it's no problem. I can still feel it there, but it doesn't hurt or ache while I'm doing it because doing the movement so much has strengthened and toned my back enough.
   My body feels tighter and more toned, especially around the waist, which is insane because I never get that strong a feeling of a workout having been so effective, and to top it off it was great fun to do. I used my usual dubstep mix, but I built it up with more epic orchestral dubstep and let my imagination go. It was awesome. Easily one of the best workouts of the year.


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