Wednesday 20 August 2014

Ask Me Anything

   Seriously. I thought this could be a fun little feature on the blog that, hopefully, others will join in with, too, and will help get my content going again. Drop me a line and ask me any question. I'll choose the best (ie. fun or interesting) questions to answer, and I'll be honest. It can be about me, my dreams, my thoughts on things, experiences, advice on anything, whatever. It could be fun! So if you have a question that's been on your mind, whether it's relevant to you, me or just a general thought, ask away. I'd love to make this a weekly thing, one question a week, but that depends on whether or not I get enough questions to keep me going. It doesn't have to be a serious question, or it could be totally serious. Just pick a question - or several - and roll with it.
   I'll start right now with a random question I have assigned myself, because I'm cool. Feel free to answer the same question on your own blog, or in the comments.

   If you couldn't have your dream (in my case, become a successful writer), but you could do anything else, what would it be?

   I'd be the female answer to Andy Serkis. I know how silly that sounds, but the idea of getting to be inhuman things would be awesome. Seriously. Stick those sticky sensors on me and bundle me up in a little silver suit. I expect it's really hard work, truly, but at the same time I think it's possibly also quite rewarding. I'm always pretending to be things. I was pretending to be a clicker in the shower the other day. Other times I pretend to be a demon in the darkness, or a wild animal. When I'm doing my yoga I'm not thinking about relaxing, I'm thinking about becoming more limber so that I could pretend to be other things. Yes, I'm weird, but I embrace it, and it makes my life fun! But to be paid to do that? Hell yes! Like Benedict Cumberbatch paid to act like a freaking dragon. GIVE ME THAT JOB. I also have a very mobile face and often practise beastly expressions in the mirror so I think I could do it.
   The trouble with things like that is that I'll never get the opportunity to try, you know? I admit I have hopes that, one day, I'll become so successful with my writing that someone will want to adapt one of my books into a motion picture, at least along the scale of The Colour of Magic/The Hogfather, and then I can take the opportunity to try this. It would be one of my stipulations that I at least be able to have a go at it. If it doesn't work, fine, let a professional do it, but I'd have to try. I could be one of a thousand demons, some kind of weird fantasy monkey, anything!
   As you can see, I have aspirations on top of aspirations.

   So, that's the first question. Drop me a line if you've got one, and if you choose to answer this question on your blog, feel free to drop a link to it in the comments.


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