Monday 18 August 2014

Kickbox Fusion: 2 Weeks Later

   I love Kickbox Fusion. I do. I love this kickboxing routine. It's a-ma-zing. Seriously. I look forward to it every day, and it works so, so well with my workout soundtrack of orchestral dubstep. It's freaking wicked.
   I will admit that I've modified it from the original routine. Rather than doing 45 seconds of each move with 15 seconds of rest between each set, I do the moves for 1 minute each followed by 15 seconds of boxer shuffles, 30 seconds of butt-kicks and another 15 seconds of boxer shuffles before moving right onto the next move. It's interval training, to a degree, and the active recovery of shuffle-kick-shuffle lets me get my breath back and prepare myself for the next move while not actually stopping. This means I double the time - instead of 45 and 15 seconds, it's 1 minute and 1 minute. Once I've done the circuit once I take a 3 minute breather and do a second circuit on the other side of my body.
   I don't jump right in with this routine first thing, however. Each day, regardless of what I'm doing that month, I always start with about 20-30 minutes of dance first to loosen my body up and heat up my muscles. Only then do I grab my mp3 player. I then start the kickboxing routine with a couple of minutes of shuffle-kick-shuffle and let myself get into the music before restarting the track and starting the first move.

   Initially the duck-a-punch really pulled at my lower back, and the following day it was agony to repeat - in fact just pulling myself out of bed was a challenge! But after two weeks I've gotten quite good at it and it doesn't cause any discomfort at all. I also found that holding your fists up to defend your face, which you're supposed to do with this move, adds to the impact on your back compared to keeping your arms down, but kickboxing isn't supposed to be an easy workout.
   I've adjusted to the moves well, and the adjustments I've made to the routine itself allow me to keep moving for longer - initially I struggled to do more than one circuit for the first few days, and after almost a week I decided to make the change, and it's worked out well for me. I also struggled to do half of the moves for even just 20 seconds, but my stamina has increased and a minute is very doable. But the thing here is that I've built up to it.
   I don't have a tablet, iPhone or even wireless internet, so I was quite concerned when I began this that because the moves were online that I was going to have to keep running to the computer to recall them, but I actually didn't have that problem. I watched the moves through a few times and write their names down on a piece of paper and took it into the living room with me. On my first day I only needed to run off and look up three moves while I was in the middle of the routine, which did set me back a bit, but I very quickly learned the moves and after a week didn't need the paper anymore.

   It may only have been two weeks so far but this is one of the best workouts I've done. Great cardio, power, strength, it's amazing, especially when using .5kg (1lb) weighted gloves. I really look forward to doing it, and I swear I'm seeing results, too. My body feels tighter which isn't something I can usually say about a workout. At best I feel a little slimmer, but to feel slimmer and firmer is something else, and it's freaking amazing.

   I'll post again at the end of the month!


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