Tuesday 17 June 2014


   Well I've been up to a lot, and nothing at all. Beyond working my bum off on my writing, I took a brief break this weekend because I'm going a little out of my mind with obsession.

   I started rewatching Dragonball Z - it was something I watched as a kid when I was about 10 on Cartoon Network, and I remember whenever we were going out I'd video tape it, and the few times we forgot, or there wasn't a tape in the machine, boy did I have a fit. I mentioned it in passing to Catherine and Lucy last year, I forgot why, and they said that I used to go on and on about it in school, and then they said what they remembered just from me going on, and I don't remember any of what they told me. So it's been pretty cool rewatching it. I can also freely admit to occasionally genuinely trying a kamehameha wave, but failing, of course. I also often try to cast spells but it doesn't work - but you'll never know until you try it! But yup, that's fun, although the voice acting is terrible as it so often is when dubbing is being used, but I can't find anywhere online to watch it in the original Japanese. The series was recently released on DVD with dubbed and Japanese with English subtitles, but it's really expensive. I know it's worth it but I can't afford it yet.

   I also gave Destiny a go, it's still in the alpha stages so it's nowhere near ready yet, released in September I believe, but it was pretty cool. Some of you might remember that I am awful at shooting, but fortunately there was someone nearby when I started playing who saved my life, otherwise I'd have died within two minutes of starting. I got into it eventually, though, and played an Awoken Warlock. The thing is that it is an MMO, but they're saying "it's not an MMO, it's an 'online experience'" - no, it's an MMO. But MMOs are dead, and calling it that would put people off. I also got way too much of a Halo feel from it, which is a shame. It's made by Bungie, the creators of Halo, but Seeg and I kind of hoped they might move away from that with this new game, but a lot of the architecture I'm seeing is familiar, there's an equivalent to the Flood, and it really just feels like a Halo MMO - despite that, however, it's still really good and I'm looking forward to it coming out.

    I also started work on a project that is destined to go wrong, especially given how well it started. I'm not going to say what it is because I know how things usually go after I say so, but I'm excited to show how it looks so far. It was kind of creepy initially, especially before I added the fur, it looked like a disembodied, naked ferret head. I'm so surprised by how well it came out (which is why I know it will fail) but it's not ready for baking yet so there's still plenty of opportunity for it to go horribly wrong.

   Made my dad a father's day card because I left it too long and forgot alllll about it, but he laughed, so it's all good. As you can see, modesty is my very best trait.

   What have you all been up to lately?


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