Saturday 21 June 2014

My Workout Wears

   Buying new fitness clothing is a guilty pleasure of mine, but it's better than rewarding myself with sugar! Below are some of my favourites from my collection and I wear them whenever they're not in the wash (while working out, of course).
   Both the top and the bottoms are by USA Pro. They're made of the same moisture-wicking fabric and are super comfy, not to mention flattering. The bottoms (I have three different pairs - black, Aztec and Storm which is pictured below) have a very friendly waistband which boosts my confidence, and the top stays fitted comfortably, too. My one complaint is that the cross-over on the back of the top rides up a bit if you raise your arms a lot, but it's easily adjusted, and the padding and bra-shelf built into it works in harmony with my sports bra, and that confidence makes me work a lot harder.
   I'll admit that the 'training to beat Goku' top is a t-shirt I've modified (yes, getting the hang of the sewing machine), so this is just a photoshop representation of the top I have. It's loose and airy and I like to wear it while kickboxing, because reasons. Take motivation where you can find it.
   I also only use JVC gumy earbuds, because I've always found affordable ordinary ones to be very uncomfortable and they fall out a lot, and headphones kind of get in the way. Gumy ones are comfy and stay put even when I'm jumping around with kickboxing, and I love the colours they come in. I chose red because apparently it's a motivational colour, but in truth I just like a splash of colour in amongst all the black. I might buy another pair in bright green, which I find more motivating than red to be honest.

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What's your favourite sportswear?


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