Friday 13 June 2014

All Personalised Blankets Review

   We're getting into picnic season now. Well, I'm assuming the rest of the world is, because England isn't. As soon as the rain passes we're hit with strong winds, only blowing more rain our way. Seriously, the TV isn't working anymore, either.
   But either way, I've always liked picnics. I've not been on one in a couple of years since Seeg and I went on one for our first anniversary. All I really remember from that was discovering that I am awful with frisbees, and the amazing chicken and mayo sandwiches I made. Oh, and there were trees everywhere and a nice river.
   But we never had a blanket at the time, we just sat on our hoodies. Not that the ground was wet or anything but...well you need something to sit on!

   I like to personalise stuff, I do, I love it, and the reason for that is because I think I'm a pretty cool person and I want the world to know how cool I am. And for that, I need dragons on stuff. [I know what you all might be thinking, 'that's not cool', but sod it, if you don't consider yourself to be 'cool', even by your own definition of the word, then you're doing something wrong. Dragon, fantasy, weights, swords, it's freaking cool, and if I wasn't me, I'd hang out with me.]
   I found a website called All Personalised Blankets - pretty specialised, yes, but I was after a blanket for our next picnic, and the idea of having an awesome dragon blanket roped me in. Any I've seen have been rubbish, so, like I did with the last time I used a personalisation website, I went to Dead End Thrills and picked out an awesome Skyrim screenshot and had it printed on a 95x140 polar fleece blanket which pads the ground beautifully.

   The website was awesome to use, too, really easy, because you have complete control over how many pictures you have (one or even a dozen), how they're positioned, how big they are and so on, and the print quality is pretty spectacular. This blanket is no small item, and the screenshot was exactly that - a screenshot. Little bigger than a computer screen. And look at how clear and crisp it's come out! The colours are perfect, too! I love this blanket, and I know it'll be used again in the winter as an extra layer on the bed after being used for picnics in the spring and summer. I might go back for more, too, because I know that my sister wants one, and she's keeping on quite a bit. She's not as cool as me, though. She doesn't want dragons.


  1. That blanket is awesome! So cool!!!


  2. Thankyou for posting photos of your blanket. I am going to get one with a dog printed on it for a client and am confident it will be good quality now.



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