Tuesday 29 April 2014

Glittery Doughnuts!

   Yup, glittery donuts! I tried my hand at making some and...I'll be honest, they came out more like cakes. I tried three times, and only on my second try were they remotely doughnut-y, so I guess it must just be me. I used the recipe from this video from Nicko's Kitchen to make them, but at no point during my three tests did they stay as firm as they were in the video, and in the end I gave up and bought a donut baking tray instead. They taste good though, so there's no real problem as far as I'm concerned! And the glittery icing was my main interest, anyway.

   I bought some Rainbow Dust in crystal turquoise and stardust pink. I didn't expect it to really colour the icing so I also got some food colouring, and I was right, it didn't. Once I mixed up the icing I added a few sprinkles of glitter and mixed it in. The pots are really small so I could only fit the end of the teaspoon in, but that did help as far as conservation goes

   Once I mixed it all up I slathered the doughnuts in it. That was hard. I think I made the icing a bit thin but it all ran down the edges. I don't suppose that really matters, though, so I didn't worry too much about it, but it's nice when it all goes smoothly.

   The Rainbow Dust glitter is quite good stuff. You can sprinkle it or mix it into things. I'm going to see if baking with it works or not - I doubt it, but it's worth trying! I'm quite pleased with how they've all come out, but I was a bit surprised by just how bright the pink glitter is, but since it didn't colour the icing, it's quite easy to control how bright the overall donut is.


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