Thursday 17 April 2014

Buying Online From H&M - Don't Bother

    I'd be lying if I said I didn't like a good complain - who doesn't? - but what I don't enjoy is having a good reason to do so.
   I've bought online from H&M on a few occasions in the past, and it's never been a smooth process. For starters, they have a habit of, by default (and the option to change it is quite hidden), having you pay by payment slip once the order has been received, as if it's still the late 90's. Changing to a card payment is quite difficult, because you have to go through several pages to find the option, by which point you've probably already gone through the checkout process, expecting to be shown a payment page, only to be given a "thanks, your order's been received!" ...uhh, okay, great, how do I pay for it, then?
   The second problem you'll find only once you've placed your order and go back to have a look at it - assuming that you do that. H&M don't seem to keep in stock what they sell. Each time I've purchased from them, I've had to wait at least a month to see the products, and sometimes the date that they're available changes and I'm forced to wait longer. Yes, I could just go to the shop, but any time I have they never have what I want, and I simply cannot get out to one with the commitments I have at home.
   Then you'll find that, if you didn't also select the option to have everything delivered together rather than in little bits, all of your products will be separated into different orders and, here's the kicker, if one of those segments doesn't meet the "minimum order value for a partial delivery," they will simply not let you have it and cancel that part of the order. And when you're buying basics such as a couple of £4 tank tops, that can mean that half of your order gets cancelled, even perhaps all you actually went in there for. Yes, yes, I know, tank tops and camisoles, you can get them anywhere, but I wanted H&M's specifically for their fabric and shape - they simply fit me better than others do. But, now they've decided that because the tops won't be available until EARLY JUNE despite the fact that I was able to place my order EARLY APRIL, even if I was able to get it delivered I'd have to wait a far, far longer time frame.
   And, last but not least, they don't tell you any of this. The only way you can find it out is by logging into the website and looking at your order yourself, and why should you need to do that to find out half of it's been cancelled? You'd think that would be the kind of thing they'd tell you themselves.

   I don't really know why I bother with them to be honest. It's like I forget what an assault course it is. If any of you are considering buying online from them, don't bother. Yes, they're cheap, yes they're quite good products, and yes you can use two discount codes on one order, but you probably won't receive half of what you want in the end anyway.


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